February 8, 2019
These iPhone Apps Record Your Screen While Using Them
Normally, when an app says it collects usage data for analytics and technical support purposes, it seems harmless enough that users don’t mind them at all. But a recent report from TechCrunch and The App Analyst found a number of iOS apps that had been secretly collecting more data than whats normally acceptable to users. The...
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ios subscriptions
Apple has recently revised its guide for App Store subscriptions and now includes explicit rules for how app developers can ask for payments. The new rules now explicitly states that the pricing has to be crystal clear, just how much the user will actually pay have to be in large texts. Apps now have to...
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Melbourne pips Sydney to be the best Australian city for tech firms
Melbourne has been named as one of the best cities in the world for tech firms to operate in, even though Google and Facebook set up their Australian headquarters in Sydney. Melbourne ranked 22 while Sydney did not make the top 30 global cities on the Savills UK Tech Cities in Motion report. The Victorian...
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