Android Jetpack Development Toolkit Updated, Adds 11 New Libraries

Android Jetpack

Google has released an update to the Android Jetpack development toolkit and adds a total of 11 new libraries with the addition of a companion toolkit to help in creating UIs easier for app developers.

The update adds new libraries for enhanced capabilities ranging from building camera apps to benchmarking code. Along with the Android Jetpack Development Toolkit update, Google has also introduced a new companion toolkit in order simplify UI development called Jetpack Compose, Jetpack Compose combines a reactive programming model with Kotlin.

Here are the 11 new Android Jetpack libraries include in the update:

  • Android for Cars, a beta-stage library for building apps that can be installed in a vehicle’s infotainment system via Android Automotive OS.
  • Benchmark, an alpha-stage library for benchmarking Java, Kotlin, and native code. Google has used this library to prevent introduction of latency into code. The library works with the Android Studio IDE.
  • Biometrics Prompt, a beta library for entering biometrics log-in credentials.
  • CameraX, an alpha library for camera app development without having to be concerned with underlying device behavior. The API is backward-compatible to Android 5.0 (API 21) or higher.
  • ConstraintLayout2, a beta library providing a new way of customizing layouts, using helper classes. Motion and widget animation management is provided, via a MotionLayout type.
  • Enterprise, a beta library enabling managed enterprise apps to send feedback to mobility management providers in the form of keyed app states.
  • Lifecycle and LiveData KTX, an alpha library providing Kotlin coroutines that are lifecycle-aware. Developers can access coroutines scopes tied to lifecycles, coroutines that are lifecycle-aware, and support for asynchronous chains with the liveData builder.
  • Security, an alpha for implementing security best practices including encryption and a hardware-backed keystore with user presence.
  • ViewModel with SavedState, an alpha-stage module that offers the benefits of ViewModel, which saves UI data when a configuration is changed, and SavedState, saving application state.
  • ViewPager2, the next generation of ViewPager, for screen slide transitions. ViewPager2 is in an alpha state.

You can download a preview version of Jetpack Compose here.


Image Credits: Venturebeat

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