How to Conduct User Testing For Your App

user testing your app

The first step in user testing is deciding exactly what it is you want to get out of your testing. Your goals determine everything from your testing methods to the exact environment, tasks, and questions you ask your participants. This impact makes it essential to determine your goals before going any further.

Your user testing goals will change depending on where your app is in its lifecycle. For example, if you plan on conducting user testing before your app’s development phase, your goals will be more focused on exploration and discovery. That is, finding out what your target users need, what similar apps/products they already use, and what pain points they need help with. During this phase you won’t have a functioning version of your app to test with, but you don’t need one to achieve your user testing goals. Interviews with users, focus group discussions, and competitive analysis work well to get at the heart of your target users’ wants and needs.




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