New Visual AI SDK For Mobile Apps Launched

Chooch AI

Developed by Chooch AI, their new mobile software development kit (SDK) for Chooch IC2 beta will provide enterprise-grade trainable facial and object identification feature available for app developers.

Chooch is currently used within a wide range of applications on various platforms. Chooch can be trained to be a visual expert in any field, from human faces, places, machine parts and even count cancer cells. Whenever an image or video is presented that contains any perceptions adapted by its neural networks, Chooch would return the metadata such as the persons identity for security purposes, product SKU, or the condition of the asset such as the current condition of a machine part. Chooch can also be trained to identify individual features in any form of media, such as Youtube videos, images from a phone, live camera feeds and even medical imagery.

There is also an immediate  return of investment (ROI) as it can process facial recognition training within seconds, and this can reduce costs in tagging visual data and help increase revenue in video advertising.

While the first  1000 calls for the API are free, the subsequent calls will cost $1 each. Enterprise pricing is also available upon request.

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