Introducing Momentum by Appetiser

Idea to Traction in 30 days.

Welcome to Momentum, the product accelerator from Appetiser designed to propel your concept from idea to traction in 30 days. With our proven process, billion dollar branding, expert guidance, and a wealth of resources, Momentum gives you and your app the competitive edge.

How Momentum Works

1. Sketch it.
We start with simple sketches to bring your idea to life, ensuring everyone is aligned before moving forward. Participate in a guided lean canvas workshop to refine your business model.

✅ Reduce time to market
✅ Enhance design clarity
✅ Set a strong foundation

2. Scope it.
Next, we create an initial development budget, customising features to suit your funding needs. Together, we identify a high-value, budget-friendly product version.

✅ Maximise value for your target audience
✅ Attract investor interest
✅ Ensure a scalable product

3. Brand it.
Our design team crafts a billion-dollar branding package, including core app screens and a standout icon and logo, guaranteed to impress, or we work for free.

✅ Premium look and feel
✅ Increased marketability
✅ Appeal to both users and investors

4. (Tr)action it.
Join INVESTX, our cohort based funding bootcamp, as well as weekly drop-in consulting sessions with Appetiser experts and fellow innovators. Secure funding, build your team, validate your concept, and start development armed with essential resources and tools.

✅ Expert support and networking
✅ Become investor-confident 
✅ Leave development ready

10 week Funding and Founder Readiness Bootcamp.

Take part in this powerful funding curriculum led by Appetiser experts to confidently guide your startup. This online workshop is designed to get you investor-ready.

  • Up to 14 hours expert led sessions over 10 weeks.
  • Proven pathways to raise over $1.5 million AUD.
  • Personalised coaching to fine-tune your pitch and strategy.
  • Comprehensive resources including investor hit lists and pitch deck templates.
  • Graduate with a fully realised pitch deck to boost your funding chances.

Make sure you’re equipped with the knowledge, tools, and connections to secure the funding needed to bring your app to life.

Elevate Your Journey With The Momentum Innovator Platform

Our Innovator Platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to elevate every aspect of your project.

Appetiser University

Access curated resources for expert insights.

Project Tracking

Monitor milestones and tasks seamlessly. See your innovator score and progress.

Assets & Team Collaboration

Maintain brand consistency and collaborate effectively.

App ROI Calculator

Make informed decisions about your app's potential returns.

Events Calendar

Stay updated on industry workshops and networking opportunities.

Clients Love Appetiser!

I recently completed the Momentum Program, hoping to maximise the potential for a successful launch of my app. The program exceeded my expectations, providing essential insights and support.

Marcus’s [startup coach] guidance has significantly advanced my progress, ensuring I present a compelling and professional product.

Stephanie Vick
Founder KeepSafe

I believe I am a stronger founder now because of Marcus [startup coach] and Momentum.
Motivated me to push beyond my limits and achieve more than I ever thought possible.
His insights and knowledge are invaluable.

Sarah Jasmine Fortuno
Founder Tuto1

The effect Momentum has had on me as a founder and Rapid Teachers as a company has been monumental! The amount of knowledge I have gained through working with Marcus [startup coach] has been invaluable, and I am now in a much stronger position to raise funding, with a significantly higher company valuation.

Zayne Rendell
Founder Rapid Teachers

I engaged Marcus [startup coach] & Momentum via Appetiser Apps. Marcus worked closely with me to help me develop my pitch deck for my new app, Ripplebox. I found his guidance extremely beneficial in understanding my new business and how to promote it to investors and clients. I became more confident in explaining how Ripplebox works and the finer details of the business. He helped me to develop potential solutions to any challenges the business may face in time and to define target markets etc. I can highly recommend engaging Marcus & Momentum as it was a very positive experience.

Kate Dawes
Founder Ripplebox

Highly recommend Marcus [startup coach] to help keep founders on track and motivated with single-minded focus, strategic clarity and momentum. Marcus shows up with consistency, valuable insights and structured direction.

Leanne Fine
Founder Medzlinx


Appetiser’s app development portfolio includes startups, national brands, and international enterprises. Many have started small and grown over the years in partnership with Appetiser.

Whether it’s iOS, Android, or web applications, we specialise in developing apps for a diverse range of industries including construction, trades, fitness, food, eCommerce, dating, property, social media, and beyond. Contact us for examples and more information.

Choose Momentum. Choose Success.

Take the next step and start your journey with Momentum today. Let’s build something amazing together.