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Dear Innovator,

We get you: It is tough to pick your app developer.
You scrolled through countless landing pages. And you wonder whether any developer is as great as their marketing.
And how will you pick the right partner, when everyone is apparently “the number one”?
At Appetiser, we created this guide to help you see through marketing.

We want to find someone who fits you like a glove!

Guiding Your App Towards Success

1. Design Matters

Users create an initial impression in a mere 0.1 seconds. And their first judgment? Based on your design’s quality!

But how can you measure design quality? Look for companies excelling in open design contests, not paid ones, to ensure fair competition because paid competitions often lead to the highest bidder winning.

2. Engineering Matters

Okay, you learned to identify design leaders. Now, assessing development quality is key. Avoid buying a Toyota for the price of a Ferrari.

Ideally you are looking for great technical standards, engineering consistency, and direct communication with your teams.

3. Scaling Matters

Instead of just valuing total worth, seek proven achievements in your developer’s portfolio.

Starting from scratch? Find apps that went from zero to one.
Scaling from $100 Million? Seek stories that turned clients into unicorns.

If your developer is skilled at growing your type of business, your odds of success rise significantly. At Appetiser, we assist entrepreneurs in raising millions with designs alone. For 5 consecutive years, we’ve helped at least one client surpass $100m annually, with 3 clients breaking the billion-dollar mark.

  • MWU
5 StarApp Ratings
$3,256,325App Revenue
  • YouFoodz
4.8 StarApp Ratings
$125,000,000App Value
  • Vello
3,200,000Social Followers
$2,100,000App Funding

We assess excellence via Appetiser Gold Standards™ for internal and external projects, comparing app quality within our industry. Collaborate with our certified experts to build your app.

Finally: Results Matter!

Let’s repeat this: Results Matter!
And here’s the twist: Outcomes matter more than just “satisfied clients”… Consider: Do you aim for contentment or achievement? Ideally, both! Yet, partnering with someone committed to your triumph means facing tough talks at times. Think of it like selecting a fitness coach: Opt for effectiveness over kindness.
Let’s talk results: At Appetiser, we measure results in client revenue, business valuations, and active users. We get it, talking about money can feel uncomfortable. But nothing screams “app success” like a healthy, profitable app business.

“I’ve been partnering with Appetiser for 18 months now on the Good Empire app… the team are smart, talented, and very human to deal with. I don’t use the word partnership lightly – I highly recommend them!”

  • André EikmeierCEO

“Appetiser has come up with a design and development that has more than exceeded our expectations. We will continue to work alongside Michael and the company.”

  • Alyce HuggardProgram Manager

“The quality of the designs and end product are exceptional! Would highly recommend Appetiser and look forward to dealing with them on an ongoing basis.”

  • Tom FinneyDigital Marketing Manager

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