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No. 1 in Uplabs

#1 Designs Worldwide (as voted on Uplabs)

Uplabs and Dribble are design sites where individuals and companies compete for awards as voted by peers. It’s where the best designers thrive. There is no tougher critic than another professional from your industry. But that also makes the reward...
Kim Kardashian app

Why the Kardashian-Jenner Apps Failed and What You Can Learn

Ever heard of Kim Kardashian-West’s free to play app? No? Well, it exists. And it’s actually quite popular. Look it up! Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Not only is it popular, but it was a major breakthrough in the app industry. In...
Native Hybrid Progressive Web App Types

Native, Hybrid or Web: What’s Perfect For You?

So you’re looking to develop a mobile app for your business? You probably have some kind of idea on the type of app you want to build, your strategy to launch and your plan to monetise it. If you don’t,...
Clutch Australia Top Developers

Clutch Names Appetiser Industry Leader in Mobile App Development

Recent trends have shown that both the creative and practical incorporation of mobile applications into the average person’s lifestyle is continuing to expand at a rapid rate. The role of a mobile app developer is more important now than it has ever...
App Building Steps

10 Steps to Building a Successful App

You shouldn’t build an app. Until…. You understand that an app isn’t just the icon you see on the screen of your smartphone. Apps are mobile-based technology businesses with the potential to impact millions of people worldwide and generate hundreds...
Building an App

The Ultimate Guide on How to Build an App & Start an App Business

How to Make an App? It is a question we get asked almost every single day.. Should I create an app? And if so, how do I start? Let’s begin by mentioning that creating an app isn’t as easy as...
App Marketing Post and Pre Launch Strategy

Pre-Launch and Post-Launch App Marketing Guide

The app development process takes an average of 4-6 months to complete. But once your app is finished, what comes next? You may have a lot of questions, especially if you are a first-time entrepreneur. How do I start marketing...

Google Now Prefers Kotlin For Android App Development

Google has recently announced that they now prefer Kotlin as the preferred language for Android App development. According to a Google blogpost: “Android development will become increasingly Kotlin-first.” “Many new Jetpack APIs and features will be offered first in Kotlin....
App Marketing Strategies

11 Powerful App Marketing Strategies To Drive Installs

What is Mobile App Marketing? Mobile app marketing is the practice of spreading awareness of a mobile application, acquiring users and maintaining retention throughout a user journey. The aim of mobile app marketing is to target the ideal users for...
Java 13

JDK 13 Official List Of Features, Here’s What’s Coming To Java 13

Java 13 is expected to be available later this year, and according to official development, Java 13 will include improvements for garbage collection and application class-data sharing. We’re only a few months away from the planned release of JDK 13...
app analytic tools

The Most Powerful Mobile App Analytic Tools & Which to Use

The app market is rapidly becoming a crowded and competitive landscape. With attention spans shrinking all the time, it’s harder than ever to get users to engage with your mobile app. The best way to increase retention is to first...
Google Flutter

Google Flutter Now Allows You To Develop Both Web And Mobile Apps

Google has recently expanded their open source UI framework, Flutter. App developers can now use Flutter to build web apps, along with desktop and embedded devices using just a single code base. According to Google: “This is potentially quite a...
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