Google Partnering with Unity On An Android Game SDK Project

Google and Unity

Google has recently announced that the company is partnering with Unity for a dedicated “Android Game SDK” project.

The primary goal of the Android Game SDK  project is to improve game development efficiency and improve Unity 3D engine’s performance on Android.

The Android Game SDK  project is based on Android NDK and the Vulkan cross-platform graphics API which offers considerably low overheads and ‘bare metal’ performance.

Initially discovered by 9to5Google, Google intends for the output of the sample to be included in “the Unity source tree.” The website mentions a collaboration between Google and Unity is likely due to Unity 3D being mostly closed source.

Currently, Android is the most widely used mobile operating system around the world, according to statcounter, Android has a market share of 75% while iOS only has a 22% share. This figure is the main reason many game and mobile app developers are opting to develop their games on this platform. This also give Google a good reason to continue finding ways to invest in game development on the Android platform.

As companies like Razer are now creating Android phones specifically designed for gaming such as the Razer Phone, which boasts 120hz screens, 4,000mAh batteries, and high-performance audio (Dobly Atmos), its now wonder Google wants game development on Android continue to flourish.

Google and Unity already has a history of working together as Unity CEO John Riccitiello appeared on stage at Google I/O 2016 to help demonstrate Daydream VR.


Image Credit: Bluemoongame

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