Agile Development or Agile Framework

Agile Development or Agile Framework

Agile development is a project management methodology reshaping traditional software development workflows into iterative and collaborative processes. It focuses on continuous collaboration within development teams and between teams and clients.

The Agile framework challenges developers to extend their skills beyond technical expertise, emphasizing communication, collaboration, and adaptability.

Key components of Agile include regular meetings to align with client specifications, flexibility in accommodating changes during software development, and the elimination of rigid contracts defining all features upfront.


Successful companies adopting the Agile framework

Our company, Appetiser Apps, uses a variant of the Agile framework called the Kanban method when developing our mobile and web apps. But the benefits of the Agile framework go beyond software development. Teams across various industries that have adopted the Agile philosophy in their operations have become more adaptable in the face of rapid change and have grown exponentially through a customer-centric approach.

Other companies that have improved their performance through the Agile framework include Ericsson, PlayStation Network, John Deere, Fitbit, OpenLink, and Royal Philips.


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