In-App Purchases

In-App Purchases

In-app purchases (IAP) refer to financial transactions made within a mobile application for additional content, features, or virtual goods. 

Whenever people use credit cards or other digital currencies to buy merchandise or unlock premium features on the app, they are engaging in in-app purchases. This monetization strategy has become increasingly popular for app developers and publishers.


Gamification in in-app purchases

Strategies for implementing in-app purchases range from outright selling items on an app to subtle methods like gamification. In gamification, developers design apps in such a way that buying more items within the app will lead to some sort of progress or advancement to another level. Research shows the need to achieve something is hardwired into people’s brains, hence the effectiveness of gamification in convincing users to buy something.


In-app purchases caveats

But successful implementation of in-app purchases requires a careful balance between providing value to users and encouraging purchases. The overall user experience must not be compromised at the expense of “selling more.” When done effectively, in-app purchases can contribute significantly to an app’s financial success. The more money an app earns, the more it can stay at the top of its game and attract more users in a virtuous cycle of user acquisition and revenue growth.


Apps that have succeeded with in-app purchases

Some apps that have successfully implemented in-app purchases as a business model include Fortnite, Candy Crush Saga, Tinder, and Pokemon Go.

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