The Need for Speed

Philanthropist Matt Gollan was in a hurry. He wanted to use web app technology to create a fundraising platform to reach a wide enough audience to make a real difference, and he needed it fast. He knew the impact he could bring to those less fortunate, yet every day the startup wasn’t live, people were losing out.

He named the platform OneRaise, and reached out to us for help.

A Collaboration for Success

With speed the top priority, that didn’t mean other things weren’t important. Without quality, security and seamless cross-platform functionality, the startup wouldn’t achieve maximum impact.

With Matt in the lead, we surrounded him with design and development experts, and used our optimised dev process to engineer his vision into a leading user experience on the web in only three months.

Ready. Set. Live!

Matt and the OneRaise team are now making a massive impact. The platform’s first raffle was for the Australian Horizon Foundation (AHF), with almost a million dollars transacted through the site in its first 24 hours of going live. Now, it’s on course to break $10 million for Australia’s most vulnerable.


Available Soon.


Available Soon.

Project Team

Michael MacRae CEO of Appetiser

Michael MacRae

Director & Founder

Francis Gamad

Quality Assurance

Nikku Ang

Web Developer

Jibriel Ong

Android Developer

Ebuen Clemente Jr

Web Developer

Lina Farias

Product Designer

Alfonz Montelibano

Web Developer

Joshua Nissenbaum

Product Manager

Michael Lau

Product Manager

Joseph Pulido

QA Specialist

Michael San Diego

iOS Developer

Jayson Salinas

Project Manager

Claide Magallen

Front-end Web Developer

Jonathan Ching

Front-end Developer

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