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Ever felt unsafe, threatened, or been bullied?

Geavi is a powerful new recording application that allows you to create undeletable evidence of incidents. Geavi records HD videos on the service level of the Smartphone, or in other words, in the background. This means you can continue to use your phone how you normally would, i.e. Make calls, text, tweet to Twitter or post on Facebook, and all the while geavi will be recording undeletable video evidence in the background. This is revolutionary because it means that you don’t have to walk around with a personal safety app open waiting to press a panic button if something bad happens; because the service is already running.

Geavi combines these videos you create with your location via GPS and synchronizes them with the cloud where we lock them for 10 days so that the information can’t be deleted by anyone.

We aim to increase people’s personal safety by empowering them with new technology that makes those around them accountable for their actions by creating video evidence that can easily be stored and shared with their family and friends. Video evidence might be used in court to prosecute or defend an action, to prove your innocence, to avoid bullying or reduce violence against women.

The app can be used without a subscription; however, to enable cloud storage a subscription is required. Videos can be shared via Email, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, SMS, Whatsapp or any other social media platform. Although we hope people use geavi for personal safety, the app can also be used as a video recording app or a spy cam.

Free features Include:

* Background high definition video recording
* GPS monitoring
* Emergency numbers based on location (if you travel, they will change to the local emergency numbers)
* Video sharing functionality
* User interface using Material Design (Android Lollipop Style)
* Flashlight

Subscription features include:

* Automatic Cloud synchronization
* Security protocol to avoid deletion within 10 days
* Video encryption to avoid unauthorized access
* Online video storage and management system

By making people accountable of their actions, we hope to make this world a safer place. Be part of the change and get geavi today.

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