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HiLo is an authentic social media platform that allows users to share without fear of judgement.

You can now connect with your loved ones, inner community, and the general public like most social media platforms but with a twist. Say goodbye to a feed that over glorifies people, moments and creates unrealistic expectations. HiLo aims to create a realistic approach to the way we share moments from our lives. By posting the good with the bad, we provide safe and genuine representations of the way we all live through life. By trusting this sensible platform, you can now be inspired by authentic and true-to-life content.

This app is family friendly and takes extra precautions to make sure that young users are protected and safe.

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Project Team

Jiin Kim

UX & UI Designer

Skye Kizilcik

Client Success Manager

Eric Cerio

Android Developer

Cielo Reyes

iOS Developer

Steve Nogadas

Backend Developer

Lixan Fajardo

Android Developer

Ivan Lacuesta

iOS Developer

Arnlee Vizcayno

iOS Developer

Sherwin Bantilan

Sprint Master

Crystal Gayle Nardo

QA Specialist

Maria Hermocilla

QA Specialist
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