App Growth Starter Kit

The one kit, full of perks required for app success! You don’t know that you need them until you build your first app. Starting at only 14,900 USD.

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Meet Your Perks!

MVP Scrutiny

MVP Scrutiny is Appetiser’s in-house planning process aimed to cover technical requirements, product learnings, and UX challenges. Our MVP Scrutiny ideally commences just before you start developing your app in order to maximise the impact by avoiding rework. Simply put: Feed all the learnings from other people’s mistakes into your app in order to avoid paying for the same mistakes! That is Appetiser MVP Scrutiny.

12-Month App Roadmap

With the help of a dedicated product manager, we plan out 12 months of strategic direction and features for your app. This roadmap will align stakeholders, marketing, your tech teams, and of course yourself. Whilst your roadmap may evolve over the course of 12 months, you will be able to communicate change of direction and stay perfectly aligned with your larger app success team. You wouldn’t design a house without an architect, so don’t develop your app without a roadmap!

APEX Testing

APEX (APp EXperience) Testing is a process ideally conducted just ahead of your app launch by our dedicated Launch Testing Specialists. These specialised engineers help you test for the optimal app experience. Every single project mistake across hundreds of Appetiser clients and partners teaches our Launch Testing Specialists to mitigate risks for your project even before you launch.

User Testing

You will be guided through a proven user testing process ahead of launch to test with real users. Learning from Appetiser’s past experience is great, but listening to your future users is just as crucial to finding product market fit. Appetiser’s user testing process is a guided process where we teach you how to engage with your audience based on our experience. Because nobody speaks your user’s language like you do!

App Store Screenshot Designs

Do you know the 3-second rule? On the app store, you have less than 3 seconds to convince a potential user to download your app. Your screenshots are your storefront, they will decide whether potential users keep scrolling or download your app. By learning from data provided by Appetiser’s large client base we were able to 3x downloads for apps just by designing convincing app store screenshots.


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One Starter Kit

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Can I use the App Growth Starter Kit with my own development team?

Yes, you can. It is Appetiser’s vision to help products, companies, and people win. We do not limit the App Growth Starter Kit to our partners or clients. If you have your own engineering team, and you want our help to get you off the ground smoothly, you can purchase this as a standalone product. 

Can I purchase just some of these perks?

The App Growth Starter Kit is specifically designed as a package, and the pricing only applies to the entire package. You can contact us about individual requests such as app store designs, but you will not be able to get the same value as you do from purchasing the complete kit. 

Why is the App Growth Starter Kit so cheap? Where is the catch?

There is no catch. As Appetiser has grown as a company, we have helped many startups and corporates build digital traction. Projects like yours allowed us to partner with larger companies and negotiate discounts for our startups. In return, we decided to sell this package at an affordable entry price, because most clients and partners who successfully launch their app end up working with Appetiser for the long run.
And what is in it for us? The more clients sign up for our App Growth Starter Kit, the more data we have to learn from, allowing us to enhance our competitive advantage. Warren Buffet would call it our moat, we call it win-win.

I am an agency owner, how does this work?

As an agency owner, we will augment your team with our team to help with the product roadmap, the designs, the testing, and all other work required. You will retain your client relationship, and you or your client will retain all IP. You cannot sign up to the partnership programs yourself using this growth kit, but your client and their products can sign up using Appetiser as a proxy. Your clients will only ever be directly interacting with you, so you can be certain to keep a strong relationship with them.

My app is already in development, do I still benefit from MVP Scrutiny?

  • The true power of our MVP scrutiny is that we feed the learnings from our partners and our clients into this process. This means you can benefit from other app’s successes, but also from their mistakes to avoid making them yourself!
    Ideally, we complete Appetiser’s MVP Scrutiny just before your app development commences to feed all learnings into your product. But you will still benefit tremendously from all the learnings from all of Appetiser’s clients and partners, even if your app is already launched. For example, we have improved the conversion rate of one of our websites by 80% simply by adjusting the positioning and styling of call-to-action buttons. This learning from the past has generated an estimated $2.8M USD revenue over the 12 months that followed. Learnings just like this will be directly applied to your app. 

What makes Appetiser the right partner for an App Growth Start Kit?

We may not be smarter or more creative than others, but we often start 20 new projects in a month, excluding the work of our partners. The secret is simple: we feed the learnings from all projects back into our process, and you benefit from the learnings. Whilst others can easily replicate our process, they lack 7 years’ worth of project data as well as the learnings that helped some of our clients surpass billion-dollar valuations. This process puts Appetiser into the unique position to over-deliver value to our partners at little cost.

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