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Every Idea Starts Small

Whilst coaching football, Ben Dixon had an idea: Wouldn’t it be great if people could ask questions directly to their favourite sports stars, artists and celebrities? And just like that, Vello was born.
Ben approached Appetiser to bring his idea to life. As a first step, he needed to raise capital. So we started with app designs of world-class quality. From there, we weaved these designs together into an interactive prototype. Using this, Ben raised over $1,000,000 for Vello.

How Can You Do It?

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2. Design Your App

You only have 5 seconds to grab a user’s attention, so an outstanding design that’s modern and user-friendly is essential. You’ll work directly with designers ranked 7th globally for their work and a team that created apps for Youfoodz and Roamni/The Formula 1.

3. Bring Your Idea To Life!

Talk with us about your funding options, or work with our world-class development team to build your idea. We specialise in creating software made for the Australian and world markets.

And then?

Together we aim to take the world by storm.

Our client PointsBet has partnered with NBA Hall of Famers Allen Iverson and Shaquille O’Neal, becoming the fastest-growing bookmaker in the United States, worth over $3.2 billion!

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