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Mobile app ad spending

Global Mobile App Ad Spending Predicted To Hit $64B By 2020

According to a new market study released by AppsFlyer, the app advertising market is forecasted to grow at a rapid pace in the coming years, growing around 136% from $27.1 billion back in 2017 to $64.1 billion in 2020. The market research report is projecting that mobile app developers will increase their marketing spend to

Speed Up Native Development As Google Flutter Comes Out Of Beta

During cross-platform mobile development, developers must choose between either developing the same app multiple times for different operating systems, or to create a compromise that trades native speed and accuracy for portability, compatibility, and not to mention the included mess of non-native code. Here Flutter provides a solution that gives app developers the best of
Flutter 1.0
Apple Desktop

App Analytics Now Available For Apple Developers On The Mac App Store

While Apple had originally removed some features during the revamping of the Mac App Store on macOS Mojave, Apple has announced that the company is adding app analytics for Mac App Store applications in App Store Connect. IOS App Developers will now be able to see how many times their app was seen on the Mac

Google Play Store Site Gets Redesigned

The company is rolling out a new redesign of the Google Play Store UI. What you will first notice is the new layout tweaks, larger screenshots and a new dedicated reviews page. One good change is that every time you take a screenshot, you now get a larger image thanks to the new lightbox viewer.
Google Play Store Redesign
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