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Jesus Carmelo Arguelles

Jesus Carmelo Arguelles, aka Mel, is a Content Marketing Specialist by profession. Though he holds a bachelor's degree in business administration, he also took courses in fields like computer troubleshooting and data analytics. He also has a wealth of experience in content writing, marketing, education, and customer support. Outside office hours, he finds deep joy in reading, traveling, and photography.

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HTPPF: A person writing something on a product box

How to Prioritize Product Features: Avoid Mistakes, Unlock Success

Okay, imagine you’re in charge of developing a new product that will take the world by storm. Exciting isn’t it? That is until multiple voices start playing tug-of-war in your head about what a good product should be. You have your bosses, your clients, developers, and sales staff, all asserting they have the right answer.

Keep Site Visitors Happy: How to Improve Web Page Performance

News flash: Around 1 in 2 visitors will leave your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. And if I guess it right, you probably depend on your website to acquire customers or readers. Thus, you must ask yourself: How fast or reliable do visitors find my website? Since visitor traffic is
HTIWPP: A person looking at a bar graph that represents performance metrics
WDBDD: A man fixing the backend of his Volkswagen Beetle

What Does a Backend Developer Do and How To Become One

An app or website is very much like a car. And the back-end developer is its engine builder and mechanic. The backend is where the action is, despite being mostly unseen. It’s the section of a web app or website that enables it to work the way you want it to. The backend is the

How to Submit Your App to Google Play Store and Make It Known

Submitting your app to the Google Play Store is like debuting on the world stage. Most of the world’s mobile devices run the Android operating system. And the Play Store is the platform where billions of users can download your Android app. But before the global market can enjoy what your Android app has to
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How to Develop a Web App Quickly and Cost-Effectively

Everyone has 24 hours each day, no more, no less. The question is: Are you getting the most out of each hour daily? This question applies to life as it does to developing web apps. Of course, it’s tempting to follow Steve Jobs’ example and build your digital product almost from scratch. But is this

The 8 Most User-Friendly Mobile App Development Tools in 2024

The future of smartphone usage is bright. Experts estimate there will be a staggering 1.5 billion additional smartphone users by 2029. In the U.S., sales earned from smartphone-based transactions are expected to grow to $856 billion by 2027. Source: Statista Clearly, mobile app development is a good investment for enlarging your customer pool or audience
MADT: Programmer writing code for mobile app development
IADT: People designing a mobile app

From Design to Testing: The 10 Best iOS App Development Tools

What comes to mind when you hear “iOS app development”? Perhaps you’re thinking about the best tools for programming iOS apps. But too much focus on programming software might hinder you from making the best use of your time and money as you seek to create your own iOS app. If you desire long-term success

Mobile App Design Process: From Idea to Industry Dominance

A stunning app design goes beyond aesthetics. Though appealing visuals are equally important with functionalities, the cornerstone of good app design is the fulfillment of an actual market need. This principle is crucial, given that product-market mismatch is a leading reason many tech startups fail. Source: CB Insights At Appetiser Apps, our app design and
MADP: Image showing some mobile app design assets
AMC: A mobile phone and calculator surrounded by maintenance tools

How to Manage and Estimate App Maintenance Cost

After launching your application in the app stores, beware of the big C called complacency. Complacency kills the growth and momentum that your app needs to remain sustainable. Once users download your mobile app from these online stores, you must proactively protect your digital product from cybersecurity threats and other issues, such as a decline

How to Create a Location-Based App Quickly and at Least Cost

Gone were the days when maps were just used for travel or navigation. Digital maps have powered location-based apps to make life more enjoyable and comfortable. Whether you satisfy your craving through food-ordering apps or post your latest getaway on social media, these location-based apps can tag where you are and satisfy your needs and
HTCALBA: A location-based app on a car dashboard
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