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Jesus Carmelo Arguelles

Jesus Carmelo Arguelles, aka Mel, is a Content Marketing Specialist by profession. Though he holds a bachelor's degree in business administration, he also took courses in fields like computer troubleshooting and data analytics. He also has a wealth of experience in content writing, marketing, education, and customer support. Outside office hours, he finds deep joy in reading, traveling, and photography.

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The 6 Best Food Delivery Apps in 2024

For many, cooking meals has become a luxury. Often, office employees and home-based workers are so busy with work that they need food prepared for them. This pressing need, combined with the advent of smartphones, has given rise to the booming food delivery industry. In 2022, the global food delivery market amounted to around $220

The 5 Best Intermittent Fasting Apps of 2024

Wondering how you can stay consistent with your intermittent fasting? Whether you have the tendency to stress eat or indulge in binge eating after more than 12 hours of fasting-skipping meals can be challenging. In fact, intermittent fasting is not for everyone, as doctors advise some people to consult with their medical practitioners before doing

Decoding Android App Development Cost: Estimates and Strategies in 2024

Android is best summed up in three words: global, market, dominance. As of 2023, around 70% of the world’s mobile devices run the Android operating system. This fact is clear: an Android app is an excellent magnet to attract most of the planet’s customers and eyeballs. No wonder many entrepreneurs and big thinkers are considering

Exploring iOS App Development Cost: Estimates and Strategies in 2024

The Apple App Store is home to mobile applications that run on iOS devices like iPhones or iPads. And it’s quite a lucrative store too. In fact, an average iOS app user spends more on applications than someone who uses an Android app. If you’re an entrepreneur or big thinker, developing iOS apps is one

The 6 Best Running Apps in 2024

Running away isn’t always bad. Actually, running regularly can do you a world of good. It’s a fantastic exercise with heaps of benefits: a healthier heart, stronger knees and back muscles, and even a boosted memory. And the best part? Running is simple. No need for fancy equipment, just some killer apps. Now, before you

The 5 Best Health Tracking Apps in 2024

“Health is wealth” is not just a cliche. Productivity shrinks when people’s health is not at its best. The World Health Organization highlights that a trillion dollars worth of productivity goes down the drain whenever people suffer from mental health problems. That doesn’t count the dollars lost for absences due to other disorders. And doesn’t

The 7 Best Calorie Counter Apps in 2024

If you don’t count your calories well, you may fail to account for your most valuable asset: your health. Calories from food become either a source of energy or extra fat in your body. Excess fat leads to obesity, which leads to around 3 million deaths worldwide every year. And it doesn’t help that delicious

The 6 Best Fitness Tracker Apps in 2024

Knowledge is power, even in physical fitness. Whether walking, running, cycling, lifting, or swimming, it’s good to know how far you’ve gone in strengthening your body. After all, science has shown that people who track their progress toward goals are more likely to achieve them. You’re more likely to get fit the more you know

Mobile App Testing: Foundations and Strategies

What do a sports car and a mobile app have in common? They both have to be tested to their limits before reaching the market. And just like a Porsche or BMW has to perform regardless of the motoring environment, an app must also run equally well across different mobile phones in various conditions. Otherwise,

Cracking the Code: 7 Elite Tools for Mobile App Testing

Testing mobile apps is also a test for those building them. For anyone dreaming of starting an app business, choosing the right tools for mobile app testing is crucial because of two things: more discriminating app users and the increasing diversity of mobile devices from various brands. Source: ABI Research So many things could go
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