Google Android Studio 3.4 Now Available, Here’s What’s New

Android Studio

Google has recently released an update to their integrated development environment for building Android apps with a bunch of new improvements.

Considering Android studio 3.3 brought in more than 200 bug fixes, the Android Studio 3.4 rather seems small in comparison. But Android Studio 3.4 is building on the Project Marble effort to improve features and workflows.

Android Studio 3.4

Along with the usual performance improvements updates and bug fixes, here’s what’s new in Android Studio 3.4:

  • A Streamlined user interface for managing dependencies and build files.
  • An updated Project Structure Dialog provides a revamped user interface to manage dependencies in an app project’s Gradle build files.
  • The Layout Editor properties panel has been refreshed, providing a single pane with collapsible sections for properties.
  • R8 replaces Proguard as the default code obfuscator and shrinker.
  • A new app resource management tool is included to bulk import, preview, and manage resources for a project.
  • An updated Android Emulator is featured that takes fewer system resources and supports the Android Q beta.
  • The IntelliJ 2018 Idea 3.4 IDE update is included, with a fix pertaining to Java code analysis. Android Studio is based on IntelliJ.
  • A more efficient Android Emulator.
  • The latest Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL device skins are included.


You can download Google Android Studio 3.4 here.

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