App Design

App Design


In the context of app development, design is the process of creating the visual look, layout, and flow of an application’s interface.

Outputs of the app design stage range from simple sketches to prototypes. Prototypes look and feel like working apps, but they don’t have any functionality at all.


The focus of app design

Designing apps encompasses three considerations: the user interface (UI), the user experience (UX) design, and interaction. UI design is about how the app looks and the aesthetic aspects, like the color of the buttons and their layout, etc. UX design focuses on the user’s experience with the app, such as how easy it is to use. Interaction design is about creating intuitive ways for users to interact with the application, making using the app feel more natural and less cumbersome.


The importance of good app design

Good design is crucial in app development as it directly influences the usability and user satisfaction of the application. For startups like Roamni, their design prototype enabled them to fund the actual development of their app.

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