From Vision to
$5 Million and Formula 1

No Technical Expertise Needed

Jason Fabbri and Greg Curcio are business professionals. They didn’t have a desire to become developers, to learn about coding, or understand behavioural loops. But like many entrepreneurs, they shared a vision and the confidence to make things happen.

People Care About Real Stories

To achieve this goal, Jason and Greg came up with the idea for Roamni—an app to help storytellers record, share, and monetise local stories that would otherwise be lost. 

The Vision Comes First

The two founders got involved at every stage of Roamni’s design and build journey. The feedback they provided helped our team create a unique personality for the app. We strongly believe that open communication and client involvement always result in a happier development process and a superior final product.

Quality and Speed Combined

Roamni strategy and design took just six weeks, and the resulting prototype became their most powerful tool for success. Jason and Greg used their designs to highlight what made their app unique, provide a clear picture of the concept in action, start lean, test the waters, reduce risk and stimulate interest from investors.

A Formula for Success

In the end, their dedication and passion paid off, with Roamni getting a grand reception from users after launching across both the Apple and Android app stores.

The startup gathered interest from big businesses shortly after the launch, intrigued about the possibility of using the underlying technology for themselves. Roamni then became an official partner of the world renowned brands like Formula 1 and the Australian Grand Prix.

“Recommend this team unreservedly, they are amazingly talented developers that do very good work. Communication and advice has been top notch, an essential element during your app journey. More than a development house, the knowledge within this team can help guide your business with a holistic lens. Very pleasant to interact with also.”

Jason Fabbri - Roamni Founder

Roamni Is Now Powering Unique Innovations for Global Brands and Was Last Valued at $5 Million

Project Team

Michael MacRae CEO of Appetiser

Michael MacRae

Director & Founder

Alma Samuela

GM Production

Mark Valles

Lead iOS Developer

Heinrich Bezuidenhout

Product + App Designer

Francis Sergio Cerio

Android Developer

Kristopher Ryan

Product + App designer

Joash Tubaga

iOS Developer

Alvin Jay Cosare

iOS Developer

Eric Cerio

Android Developer

Criselle Zion Ampo

Android Developer

Francis Gamad

Quality Assurance

Axel Campaña

iOS Developer