App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization (ASO)


App store optimization (ASO) is a strategic and ongoing process aimed at enhancing the visibility of a mobile application within app stores to increase download rates. The more users download an app, the more likely its developers gain revenue through various monetization models. 

Enhanced visibility means making your app the top of the list when visitors search for apps using certain keywords. Therefore, your app name and title must contain keywords that match searcher intent and your app’s value proposition. Other key elements like your app’s icon, screenshots, and ratings, affect the success of your ASO initiatives. 

Many app developers focus their app creation and ASO initiatives on two app stores, which are Google Play and the App Store. These two stores are the world’s most popular, with a larger pool of potential app users. However, given that the stores have a collective total of around 5 million apps, effective ASO techniques are necessary to come out on top.

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