Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting


Audience targeting is a marketing strategy that involves segmenting your audience based on certain characteristics, such as interests or behaviors, and tailoring your marketing efforts to these specific groups. 

This process is crucial for advertising an app, conceptualizing an app, optimizing app design, enhancing the user experience (UX/UI), and coming up with monetization strategies. Audience targeting is also done to ensure alignment between apps and the needs and preferences of their target market.

After launching an app, audience targeting still plays a key role. Once user demographics like location, age, gender, language, education, interests, devices, familial status, and occupation are distilled into manageable pools of data, developers can use this information for faster and more effective app scaling.


Strategies for an effective audience targeting

  • Mark Sherrington’s 5W method
  • Spectrum with Opposite Traits
  • Average Check Size
  • HALO Strategy Spreadsheet
  • Online survey tools
  • Analytics tools like Google Analytics, SEMrush, etc.
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