Front-End Development

Front-End Development

Front-end development is a crucial aspect of web and mobile application creation, responsible for crafting the user interface and experience that individuals interact with directly. It involves using programming languages to design the visual elements, layout, and functionality presented in a browser or app interface.

In contrast to back-end development, which focuses on setting up unseen mechanisms like server-side processing, front-end development concentrates on building the more obvious elements like an app’s or website’s buttons, icons, and arrangement of text. If an app or website is a car, front-end components consist of the body, dashboard, seats, and other externals while back-end parts consists of the engine, transmission, and anything that contributes to powering the automobile.


Front-end development tools

The primary languages in front-end development are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, each serving a specific purpose. HTML structures the content, CSS defines the style and appearance, and JavaScript adds interactivity and dynamic elements.

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