No More Name Calling

Order ready, get text, save time.

Stop the Shout

BuzzMe emerged from Susan Vincent’s vision to improve in house experience for customers. This web app aims to replace in-store buzzers and manual name-calling with a seamless, internet-based notification system. Customers can be notified anywhere once their orders are ready, enhancing convenience and efficiency for small businesses, restaurants, and cafés. As one anonymous customer puts it, “Why do we need to be shouted at to pick up our food?”

Launched Early

The collaboration between BuzzMe and Appetiser thrived through commitment to efficiency and creativity for both parties. Initially, Susan envisioned a text notification system. However, due to funding constraints and compatibility issues with existing POS systems, this wasn’t feasible. Our team proposed a web app with push notifications instead, while leaving room for a text function in future enhancements. Through this confident pivot, we were able to launch ahead of the original schedule.

App Features

Push Notifications

Instant notifications to customers when their orders are ready.

Order Status Monitoring

Customers can monitor the status of their orders in real-time.

Order History

Users can view their order history and track past transactions.

Integration with POS Systems

Integrates with existing Point of Sale (POS) systems for smooth communication between app and restaurant.

People Love New Ideas

The soft launch was met with immediate success thanks to its intuitive design and seamless integration.  BuzzMe now aims to further expand its reach and functionality, modernising customer alerts across many services. With ongoing support and dedication, the innovative startup is poised for long-term success by simplifying customer experiences and just making life easier.

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Project Team

Nikku Ang

Nikku Ang

Web Developer
Simon Jose

Simon Jose Buri

Project Manager
Rito Saga

Rito Saga

Project Manager / QA Specialist

Benjie Caranoo

Web Developer

Brian Wong

Product Manager

Peter Nguyen

Visual Lead

Karl Almario

Web Developer