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Everything in One Place.

After a holiday frustration, founder Claire Fitzsimons wanted to create an app where friends and family could work together on sharing and editing photos and videos from special life events. Claire wanted everything in one place, original quality media, multi-user editing alongside camera and social elements, something the closest competitor Google Photos didn’t provide.


The partnership between Pinch and Appetiser was built on excitement for innovation. Claire, a designer herself, actively engaged in the development process, embracing challenges and making the big decisions that drove the project forward. Enthusiastic weekly meetings and a culture of collaboration ensured that the app’s vision was realised perfectly.

And Inspiration.

Pinch is the first app of its kind, meaning very few apps could provide inspiration, so Claire needed new ideas to make Pinch special. Together with her team, she studied how Dropbox uploads photos and how Instagram integrates sharing. Insights which helped the team define the final concept and how to make the app truly unique. 

The Pinch MVP

Seamless Sharing

Pinch allows users to effortlessly share photos and videos with friends and family, fostering collaboration and connection.

User-Friendly Editing Tools

With Pinch's intuitive editing tools, users can enhance their memories with ease, ensuring every moment is captured beautifully.

Collaborative Projects

Pinch offers a variety of project packages tailored to suit different occasions, from wild bashes to fairy-tale weddings, empowering users to create and share their unique stories.

Original Clarity

Say goodbye to pixelated images and videos. Pinch preserves the original clarity of every moment, ensuring that memories remain vibrant and full of life.

To Investment and Beyond

Following the successful launch of its MVP, Pinch is poised for future growth and expansion. With ongoing development and strategic partnerships, Pinch aims to change the way people capture and share memories. Claire continues to work hard and has secured long term funding to take her dream app to the next level. The future looks bright for Pinch and its growing community of believers.

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Project Team

Tova Otton

Tovah Otton

Product Manager

Marjune Ybañez

Web Developer

Justin Jacob Sumaya

Web Developer

Samantha Mañacap

Web Developer

Carlo Angelo Sarile

Web Developer

Calvin Cica

Product Designer

Val Moratalla

IOS Developer

Sajini Rathnayake

QA Specialist