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Time to Take Back Control With Good Empire

Through Action, Change Happens

André Eikmeier was tired of waiting for governments and corporations to save the world, so he took a stand. The idea? That many small actions make a big difference. What if technology could bring people together and inspire millions to take action of their own?

Enter, Good Empire.


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Power in Your Pocket

Climate change, environment, poverty; We all want to help but feel powerless. Andre realised that by showing people the direct impact of their actions, a collective movement could take place.

Good Empire is a social video challenge app that encourages direct action on 17 unique missions in nine years to help people and planet. Each mission is based on the UN Sustainability goals for effective change.

People Invest in Great Ideas and Great Design

André took this dream to the crowdfunding site Birchal. With the amazing concept and the Appetiser prototype design in hand, Good Empire has gone on to inspire over a thousand like-minded investors to take action of their own. So far, the startup has raised over $1 million, without a need for any development.

A Buzz is Building

Tens of thousands of users have already been brought on board, yet the app is not just targeting the individual.  Organisations are waking up to the impact that positive action can bring to their team culture as well as the planet, with dozens of famous brands joining the cause. Good Empire has engineered a strong and scalable model that is generating traction, status and results, fast. A model that’s critical to the success of any social platform.



Project Team

Founder & Director of Appetiser

Jamie Shostak

Director & Founder
Elmar Rhex Gomez Android Developer

Elmar Rhex Gomez

Android App Developer

Ivan Lacuesta

iOS Developer

Kszyr Ver Cobrador

Web Developer

Arth Limchiu

Android Developer
Michael San Diego iOS Developer

Michael San Diego

iOS Developer
vaughn armada

Vaughn Armada

Android Developer
Jules Vivas

Jules Vivas

Web Developer
mark russel

Mark Russel Cruz

Project Manager/QA
Eastina Zhang

Eastina Zhang

Product Designer
Tova Otton

Tovah Otton

Product Manager

Girah Chua

Project Manager

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