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LinkU connects you with the most experienced, skilled and professional premium businesses to complete simple & complicated tasks. Any Job. Any Place. Any Time.

Mishaps occur, problems arise and things need updating in everyone’s life. But in our busy day-to-day lives, we all struggle to find the best and most reliable Aussie business to lend a helping hand when we need it most.

LinkU is here to make it fast and easy to connect with the best businesses in each industry.

Here, service providers are registered, certified, backed by insurance and ready to provide you with the highest level of service. Best of all, LinkU rewards businesses and customers alike with exclusive rewards and benefits.

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Tech Team

Michael MacRae CEO of Appetiser

Michael MacRae

Director & Founder

Heinrich Bezuidenhout

Product + App Designer

Jorge Repaso

Android Developer

Criselle Zion Ampo

Android Developer

Axel Campaña

iOS Developer

Honeziel Madeja

HR and Sprint Master

Orly John Yanson

Web Developer

Orlando Yanson Jr.

Android Developer

Rey Cerio

iOS Developer

John Hel Gumban

Web Developer

Leonette Ducay

QA Specialist

John Jay Añora

Web Developer

Crystal Gayle Nardo

QA Specialist

Raymund Delfin

Web Developer

Jam Oropesa

Web Developer

Jan Monsanto

Front-End QA

Lourd Rancy Guanzon

UI & UX Designer

Growth Team

Founder & Director of Appetiser

Jamie Shostak

Director & Founder

Kenneth Titong

SEO and Analytics Specialist

Jeffrey Maala

Paid Media Specialist

Meryll Amistoso

Google Ads Specialist (SEM)

Kenny Coseto

Content Marketing Specialist

Nhat Tran

Product Manager
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