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OneFriends helps you effortlessly organize recurring catch-ups and events with friends. Maintain friendships in a different and genuine way. Experience more happiness and fullfilment.

Do you like spending time with friends doing activities you enjoy? Do you have good friends you have lost contact with despite having agreed to keep in touch? Do you care about friendship? OneFriends helps us stay connected with a number of real friends in a meaningful way. By making a commitment to catch up on a regular frequency, even as life’s circumstances change, that bond of friendship will continue to exist.


Regular Catch-Ups
• OneFriends automatically sends an invite to both friends when it’s time to catch up, meaning the burden of reaching out to initiate a catch up is taken off you and your friend. OneFriends acts as a reliable bridge between friends.
• Process of working out a time is streamlined. Choosing a place is easy.


Group Events and Activities
From dinners to sports, and from yoga to games, all kinds of group activities can be easily organized. Instead of group messaging which can be inefficient and indecisive, OneFriends streamlines the planning process by letting the event organizer decide on all the details. An invitee either accepts the invite or declines. OneFriends events create certainty and simplicity. The app will send out a notification reminder the day before and an hour prior to the event so nobody forgets.


Reconnect with Old Friends
Using OneFriends is a great reason to reach out and reconnect with old friends. With OneFriends, you can maintain that friendship and not lose contact again. Some may call this experience nostalgia, others could call it loyalty.


Chat with friends directly one-on-one or chat with the group within an event. All messages are end-to-end encrypted to ensure your privacy is protected.


Current City
The city you are currently in will be displayed on your profile and updated automatically. This will be shared with your friends so they can see when you’re in the same city or travelling overseas.


Other Information
• OneFriends collects minimal user data and user data is kept private
• OneFriends is free from any advertisements
• OneFriends has a clutter-free and elegant design. It is simple to use.

One Lifetime. OneFriends.

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Alma Samuela

GM Production

Kristopher Ryan

Product + App designer
Francis Gamad

Francis Gamad

Quality Assurance
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Ellen May Ortiz

Web Developer
Crystal Gayle Nardo

Crystal Gayle Nardo

QA Specialist
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