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Time to dump the spreadsheets.

The Spark of Innovation in Travel Planning

Matthew Pacella is a lawyer and enthusiastic traveller that grew frustrated with outdated trip planning methods. Switching between multiple apps like Google Sheets plans felt cumbersome and out of touch with modern technology.

Matthew went on a journey of research, determined to find a solution. Surely there was a way to organise travel plans, without the need to flip between multiple third party apps like Google sheets? In the world of app startups, sometimes the best ideas stem from the simplest of problems.

Collaborative Creation of Vaiva

Vaiva found its home at Appetiser and we agreed on its strengths and potential. Matthew was a vital part of the team, highly involved and respectful when we raise challenges, always open to discussion. Through this strong collaboration, the project progressed seamlessly. It even evolved to include ‘stand apart’ features like social sharing and experience discovery and community engagement.

Vaiva App Features

Effortless Travel Planning

Easily create solo or group itineraries with Vaiva, simplifying the entire process.

Booking Management

Keep all your booking info in one place. Attach tickets directly to your itinerary for easy access.

Social Sharing & Community Engagement

Share travel experiences, connect with other travellers, and engage with your audience through Vaiva's integrated social platform.

Discover New Experiences

Explore locations and activities recommended by other Vaiva travellers, providing inspiration for your next adventure.

Expense Tracking

Keep track of expenses on the go with Vaiva's budget tracker. Easily split bills with friends and stay on budget.

Personalised Scrapbook

Create a scrapbook within Vaiva to organise notes, memories, and documents. Make packing lists or journals to enhance your travel experience.

A Promising Journey Ahead

The travel industry presented the perfect landscape for Vaiva’s debut.

Leveraging Appetiser’s expertise and innovative services like the Appetiser Baseplate™, Vaiva swiftly navigated through development, culminating in its launch on the Apple App Store within 4 months.

Vaiva gained early traction in the market with consistent 5-star reviews and its establishment within the travel and itinerary niche. The startup is poised to revolutionise the travel industry for the better, now dedicated to maintaining its partnership with Appetiser for post-launch support, stabilisation, and exciting app enhancements.

Stress-Free Travel for the Future

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Project Team

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Louise Namoc

iOS Developer
Jann Paolo Caña

Jann Paolo Caña

Web Developer

Victor Nguyen

iOS Developer

Benjie Caranoo

Web Developer

Sanjay Tarani

Product Designer

Brian Wong

Product Manager