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Speed, Value, and Quality -  No Compromise.

Whatever you’re trying to create, you can build and grow it faster with the Appetiser Baseplate™. Lightning-fast development, proven methods to improve stability, standardised project structures, and the latest engineering trends – all baked into one platform to help you succeed.

Do it all with the Appetiser Baseplate™.

Prebuilt Modules

To help your project team launch functionality without issues, we include popular features out of the box. These modules may require some setup or adjustment to match your designs, but you can expect fewer bugs and focus on building the world-changing features instead.

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The Appetiser Baseplate™ powers apps used by over 10 Million Users.

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We packed the Appetiser Baseplate™ with perks to help you grow your project faster after launch. Meet our Accelerators: 

High Scale Functionality (Powered by Amazon Web Services)

  • Global Content Delivery Network
  • High Demand Auto Scaling Capabilities
  • Disaster Recovery (Database Backups)

FREE use of Appetiser’s Development Tools

  • Uptime Monitoring and Alarms (StatusCake)
  • Crash and Error reporting (Sentry, Crashlytics)
  • Mobile Deployment Pipelines (Bitrise)

Team Success Infrastructure

The main reason our partners keep using the Appetiser Baseplate™ is to align engineering teams through standards. Imagine every single developer coding like the others. Imagine new team members receiving full documentation and flows that are proven to work. Reduce onboarding time, and get your engineers up to speed in less than a month. Now that’s what we call ROI!

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Baseplate Success Stories

Launched in 2 months, millions of users, over a million in revenue.

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Launched in 2.5 months, raised 10m for charity in the first year, now integrated into a larger platform.

See Portfolio

Launched the perfect mobile app, shot up to 500m+ valuation, got acquired by Wesfarmers.

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Why should I use the Appetiser Baseplate™?

To build large-scale engineering teams that follow the same tech infrastructure and when you require consistency in delivery. Your primary advantage over a custom starting point is that you accelerate your speed to market and improve project stability from the beginning.

The Appetiser Baseplate™ is extremely scalable and flexible. Unlike other frameworks, it is built to work with custom designs.

Does the Appetiser Baseplate™ use a page builder or UI builder?

We are currently not using a page builder, and you still have to code native user interfaces on mobile and on web. This is to ensure that our Appetiser Baseplate™ remains nimble and performance friendly. Our goal is to build the foundation for the best technology in the world rather than optimising for ease of use. With that being said, we still believe that our Appetiser Baseplate™ is incredibly easy to adopt.

Can I use the Appetiser Baseplate™ with Hybrid Mobile Apps?

Currently we do not support any hybrid technologies like React Native, Flutter, or Xamarin. The goal of the Appetiser Baseplate™ is to enable engineering teams to deliver native mobile projects at a speed faster than hybrid projects but hitting world-class quality standards. 

Despite popular demand, we are not currently planning to release a hybrid Appetiser Baseplate™ given that we are aiming to further expand the existing Appetiser Baseplate™. We aim to enable capable engineering teams to launch feature rich mobile applications within 4 weeks.

You can however use our web baseplate and web infrastructure with your own hybrid mobile technologies to benefit from our infrastructure and project blueprints that are proven to work.

How much faster does the Appetiser Baseplate™ make my projects?

From Appetiser sample projects and the projects of our partners, we are currently cutting development times to market by an average of 7.2 months. An engineering team accustomed to using the Appetiser Baseplate™ can launch common consumer applications within 4 months of development. 

New software engineers are usually onboarded within 2 weeks and they will automatically follow the standards of the rest of the team. So this will also allow you to scale your team faster.

What tech stack does the Appetiser Baseplate™ require?

The Appetiser Baseplate™ uses native mobile app development technology (Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android) to focus on a quality first approach. On web, it uses Laravel and Vue due to maturity and to allow your startup to to work with a plethora of talent to bring your project to life.

To get the most out of the Appetise Baseplate, we recommend the following tech stack to optimise for project delivery times. 

  • Backends
    • PHP
    • Laravel
    • nGinx
    • MySQL
    • Ubuntu Server OS
  • Infrastructure
    • Amazon Web Services
      • EC2 + ELB
      • RDS
      • CloudFront
      • CodeDeploy
      • Route53
  • Frontend Websites
    • Nuxt 3
    • Vue 3
    • Vuetify 3
    • Javascript ES2023 / Typescript
  • Native iOS Apps
    • Swift
    • CoreData
    • MongoDB
  • Native Android Apps
    • Kotlin / Java
    • RoomDB
    • MongoDB

Does Appetiser provide training in how to use the Appetiser Baseplate™?

Our baseplate is well documented and can be utilised without specialised training. If you wish to accelerate adoption, Appetiser can offer to train your software engineering teams for a fee. This is frequently done by embedding a small Appetiser engineering team into your larger team combined with custom training sessions.

Do I need to hire Appetiser Baseplate™ trained software engineers?

Our Appetiser Baseplate™ is designed to accelerate development even if your engineers are not yet trained in using it. Appetiser does offer recruitment services and recruitment challenges for any agency, startup, or corporate that wants to hire engineers suitable to work with our Appetiser Baseplate™.

I am an existing Appetiser client, can I use the Appetiser Baseplate™?

Currently, all existing Appetiser clients can use our Appetiser Baseplate™. If you are an existing client in development, then we are using the Appetiser Baseplate™ as part of your project, and it is part reason that we are able to launch your project so much faster than the industry standard.

Why is the Appetiser Baseplate™ available for licensing?

Appetiser’s vision is to help products, companies, and people win. So we spent 5 years investing millions of dollars into research on how to develop quality mobile and web apps faster than anyone else. 

Even if the Appetiser Baseplate™ is our competitive advantage, we love seeing more and more tech products succeed. And also, by commercially licensing our Appetiser Baseplate™ to startups, corporates, and agencies, we are able to invest more into our future Appetiser Baseplate™ versions and R&D. It is a win-win!









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