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From Footy Legend to Founder Connecting Millions of Fans With Their Idols

Vello is a pioneering social app from Hawthorn FC’s Ben Dixon.

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From Footy Legend to Founder Connecting Millions of Fans and Their Idols

Vello is a pioneering social app from Hawthorn FC’s Ben Dixon.

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An Idea Was Born

Inspired by his experiences as a top-level Australian athlete, Ben Dixon wanted to find a way for celebrities and their biggest fans to connect through technology. Just like that, Vello was born. Knowing more about sports than startups, Ben reached out to Appetiser to guide him on his journey.

idea was born
Ben Dixon

The Value of Great Design

Ben needed to convey the true value of his idea to excite potential investors and raise funds for development. So our team created an interactive prototype design of the highest quality. Ben then used these designs to raise over $1 million for Vello.

Many of Vello’s investors are famous icons, including cricket coach Ricky Ponting, footballer Dane Swan, swimming champ Michael Klim, celebrity chef George Calombaris, star surfer Mark Visser and Sportsbet founder Matt Tripp.

Vello web app image
Vello web app image

Feel Closer Than Ever to Those Who Inspire You

The idea has grown to become a platform where everyone has access to their favourite celebrities through direct messaging, exclusive content and 1-on-1 video recordings. Vello is a social media experience you don’t want to miss.

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Kicking Growth Goals

The exciting startup has also signed partnerships with leading agencies that manage celebrities in Australia and the US. Vello has now built a database of over 1,000 high-profile celebrities and a fan base of over 150 million, and it hasn’t stopped there.

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Vello App

This year, Vello will look to launch on the stock market in Canada and is on its way to breaking the US market — every startup’s dream!

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Project Team

Michael MacRae CEO of Appetiser

Michael MacRae

Director & Founder
Jiin Kim Profile Appetiser

Jiin Kim

UX & UI Designer
Daryl Teo

Daryl Teo

Tech Supervisor
Skye Kizilcik

Skye Kizilcik

Client Success Manager
Anne Gacer

Anne Gacer

Web Developer
Rey Cerio

Rey Cerio

iOS Developer
Leonette Ducay

Leonette Ducay

QA Specialist
Cielo reyes

Cielo Reyes

iOS Developer
chip cerio

Chip Cerio

Android Developer
Sherwin Bantilan Profile

Sherwin Bantilan

Sprint Master
Rodessa Daluro QA Specialist

Rodessa Daluro

QA Specialist
Alberto JR

Alberto Gaudicos Jr

iOS Developer
Jan Monsanto Front End QA

Jan Monsanto

Front-End QA

Dan Ho

UI & UX Designer
Simon Jose

Simon Jose Buri

Project Manager
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