Angular 8.2 Now Available, Here’s What’s New

Angular 8 Release Candidate Now Available, Here’s What’s New-01

The production release of the popular JavaScript framework Angular 8 has been available since May this year and the Angular 8.2 update introduces compiler performance improvements and the Bazel build tool.

Angular is popular with app developers as it provides dependency injection which is very useful when assembling data services for apps, and developers can use HTML templates to compose components to connect to TypeScript code.

Here’s what’s new in Angular 8.2:

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  • To improve compiler performance, copying is avoided from prototype while cloning an object. This updates the clone function of the ApplySourceSpanTransformer class, where the for-in loop was used, which resulted in copying from prototype to own properties, consuming more memory.
  • TypeScript 3.5 support.
  • Compiling of targets used by Kythe tools with the Ivy renderer. This eliminates issues with cross references to transitive dependencies not being generated, because of how such dependencies are loaded by the legacy compiler.
  • Support for $element in upgraded component template and templateURL functions.
  • For Bazel, users now can pass a custom Bazel CompilerHost for an Angular compilation, supporting the overriding of the TypeScript compiler host.
  • A number of bug fixes, including increasing the memory limit of ngc under Bazel from 2GB to 4GB.

Angular 8.2 carries over the following updates from Angular version 8.1:

  • Test helpers are provided for the upgrade/static library that wire up Angular and AngularJS injectors with no need for a full bootstrap of a hybrid app.
  • Deprecation of the integration with the Web Tracing Framework, which Angular had previously supported for performance testing. The Angular development team noted that the integration has not been maintained and likely does not work for most Angular applications today.
  • Implementation of definitionAndBoundSpan, which is now preferred over definition. The implementation of definition has been refactored and simplified.
  • Deprecation of the platform-webworker APIs. The inclusion of this support had been experimental, to try to run an entire application in a Web Worker, for web content to run background scripts. Angular proponents no longer seek to do this.
  • Bug fixes for the Bazel build tool as well as the Angular core and router.

You can download Angular 8.2 from GitHub here.

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