Raising Over a Million Through Crowdfunding – Good Empire & Wine Valet!

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Recently, two of our partners here at Appetiser—Good Empire and Wine Valet—were featured on the front page of the crowd-funding site Birchal. This is a site where people from all over Australia can invest in your app to make it a reality.
They did this with just interactive prototypes, not full app development! They’re now on track to raise millions. You can get your interactive prototype through the Appetiser Design Stage.
The good in Good Empire
An app driven by goodwill and care to the people, the Good Empire uses game design to empower communities and encourage them to save the planet. They are passionate about bringing out the good in the world, be it about helping individuals out of poverty, reducing carbon emissions, or anything in between.
Together with their interactive prototype, the Good Empire raised almost A$1,000,000 from more than 1,000 investors.
Everyone’s so excited for the app to reach new heights and inspire more people.
It’s wine O’clock
The Wine Valet app features a wine tasting system that provides accurate recommendations to consumers. Industry tasters vet all products before being included in their portfolio.
Wine Valet put their pitch deck on the platform, including the interactive design prototype we built for them. Now they’re on track to get their own crowdfunding success!
Hello, Vello
The Vello app allows social interactions with your favourite personalities and sports stars via direct one-on-one video messages. Through the app, fans and users can connect with their heroes and build a meaningful relationship with them.
It started when Ben Dixon approached Appetiser to bring his idea to life. To raise capital, we created app designs with world-class quality and weaved them together as an interactive prototype.
With this prototype, Vello was able to sign partnerships with leading agencies across Australia and the US. They raised over $1,000,000! The app has now built a database of more than 1,000 potential high-profile celebrities and a fan base of over 150 million.

What about you?

As an entrepreneur, you might have wondered how to kick off your app development journey. Good Empire, Wine Valet, and Vello showed that an app prototype is the best way to start.
Do you want to learn how you can get your app journey started with a prototype? You can get your interactive prototype through the Appetiser Design Stage. Just contact us for a free, noobligations chat with a growth strategist. Click here to book!
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