App Churn Rate

App Churn Rate


Churn rate in app development is the percentage of users who stop using an app over a specific period. It is a crucial metric that measures customer or user retention. 

App developers and publishers use the following formula to determine the churn rate:

Churn Rate = (Lost Customers ÷ Total Customers at the Start of Time Period) x 100

A high churn rate indicates that a significant number of users are discontinuing their usage of the app, which can be harmful to the app’s success and long-term business.

Developers and app publishers can detect churn rate through in-app analytics tools. These types of software can also help determine issues that cause user dissatisfaction. Once these issues are detected, app developers and publishers can start crafting customer retention strategies to turn things around.

Understanding the churn metric can also drive forward a restructuring of the app business. Improvements in marketing, development, and customer support could enable apps to overcome the churn problem and succeed sustainably.


Ways to address a high churn rate

  • Regularly gathering and encouraging user feedback through surveys, in-app feedback forms, etc.
  • Implementing relevant push notifications to remind users to use the app or provide updates on any app improvements or promos
  • Finding app development partners or app agencies to help improve an app’s functionality and performance. This is what a tech startup called Grill’d did with their app
  • Leveraging customer experience automation to enhance the user experience


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