Get Investor Ready With InvestX

Join Our Online Funding Bootcamp. $5,900 in Value for No Extra Cost.

Join Other Innovators.

Appetiser is excited to extend a special invitation to participate in Appetiser’s InvestX Funding Bootcamp, an exclusive 9-week program run by our experts and valued at over $5,900. All at no extra cost to you.

We understand that securing funding and investment is often the biggest challenge for our app founders. Join forces with a limited cohort of like-minded innovators as you progress together on a program that aims to take you step by step from fresh idea to pitch readiness and beyond.

Limited Places Available. Offer Ends July 1st.

Why InvestX?

Expert Guidance

Join weekly sessions with top Appetiser experts. Together, they have helped clients raise millions in funding. Learn from their experience to guide your startup journey with confidence.

Build Knowledge, Connect with Stakeholders

Learn about your customers, make your product better, and network with key people who can support your business.

Prepare for Success

Showcase your progress at our final event. Receive helpful feedback to improve your pitch and increase your chances of getting funding.

Tailored Learning Experience

Each session is made for startup founders like you. Get practical tips and strategies tailored to your business challenges and goals.

Financial Skills

Understand your business finances and learn how to talk about them with investors. Create engaging presentations to capture attention and win over potential backers.

9 Sessions Over 9 Weeks

Session 1: Founders, On Your Marks!

Empower yourself with essential insights and tools for success in the InvestX program.

Session 2: Build Something People Want

Explore customer discovery and validation exercises to ensure your product/service meets market demand.

Session 3: Validation, Can You Prove It?

Understand how the external environment relates to your idea and validate its viability.

Session 4: The Stakeholder Game

Identify and engage the stakeholders crucial to your startup’s success.

Session 5: What Do the Numbers Say?

Dive into financial analysis to understand your business’s financial health and projections.

Session 6: Make-or-Break Slides

Craft the most important slides in your investor pitch deck to showcase your value proposition effectively.

Session 7: Bringing the Pieces Together

Refine your pitch deck and script as you edge closer to demo day and investor conversations.

Session 8: On the Home Straight

Work on perfecting your investor pitch and prepare for the culmination of the program.

Session 9: Demo Day

The culmination of all your hard work. Showcase your progress, role play and perfect your deck, get invaluable feedback to maximise potential. Leave with the tools and the confidence to pitch to investors.

How To Qualify

All you have to do is accept and then pay your proposal before July 1st 2024 to get access to this program.
Talk to your strategist using the link below for more information or to secure your place.

Limited Places Available. Offer Ends July 1st.

9 Steps to Investor Ready