The 14 Best Dating Apps for Different Seekers in 2024

A person holding a phone that displays a dating app page

Have you ever suffered from information overload when looking for dating apps? Not sure whether or not the app you downloaded will actually help you find love or that sizzling rendezvous?

If your answer is yes, and yes, then this article is for you.

I carefully curated the 14 best dating apps in this article based on my personal experience, relationship-expert insights, and relevant online forums. In this blog, I have a mixed bag of mainstream and niche apps, all guaranteed to help you find love or just someone to spend a night with.

I also added a bonus at the end of the article, where you’ll learn the basics of using dating apps so you can improve your chances of getting a match while maintaining your mental health.

Read on to learn more about the best dating apps out there, their pros and cons, device compatibility, and pricing packages. The applications I have in store include the following:

👉 Best dating app for first impressions

👉 Best dating app for marriage

👉 Best dating app for committed relationships

👉 Best dating app for casual daters

👉 Best dating app for cost-accessible compatibility matching

👉 Best dating app for gamers

👉 Best dating app for ambitious people

👉 Best dating app for music lovers

👉 Best dating app for Christians

👉 Best dating app for Jewish people

👉 Best dating app for Muslims

👉 Best dating app for women

👉 Best dating app for busy people

👉 Best “no-paywall” option

What are the 14 best dating apps out there?

The best dating app depends on many factors, like the gender, lifestyle, or relationship preferences of users. For instance, some apps have mostly matured audiences aged 50+, while others have a more mixed-age demographic. There are also apps for specific interest groups like gamers and music lovers.

In the world of online dating, these 14 dating apps are among the most effective based on my own experience and information I culled from experts and online user communities:

#1 Concha: best for first impressions

BDA: Concha dating app screenshots

Is messaging someone really the best way to make first contact?

With Concha, it’s all about “talking before texting.”

The Perth-born dating app has a unique “Swipe, Match, Talk” feature. Concha rests on the idea that when making first contact, hearing someone’s voice is better than texting. That is why its developers incorporated an in-app call function during the design and development of Concha.

Another charming feature of Concha is the option to offer “compliments.” This means when you use this app, you can send a gift and choose a predesigned message to accompany it. Compliments add that extra icing to the app’s overall flavor.

Even the profile pages contain short but substantial information to attract matches. These pages are also designed to be good conversation starters, helping break the ice and ignite the spark.

Concha has features that hide behind a paywall. But its free package is not that bad, given that a free user can swipe on 50 profile cards daily and send a weekly quota of 1 compliment, 5 voice messages, and 1 call.

Overall, Concha offers features rarely rivaled by other dating apps.


Love language and values settings ensure better alignment of personalities

✅ Nudity and inappropriate content blockers

✅ Signup option either via a phone number or Facebook account

✅ Pretty generous free package


❌ Match range within 300 miles only

❌ Video recordings are required before any other form of communication



Package/Features Price (U.S. market)
Voice messages (+10) $2.99
Keep talking (+20 Calls) $14.99
Voice messages (+100) $14.99
Keep talking (+10 Calls) $9.99
Compliments (+5) $3.99
Voice messages (+25) $4.99
Get more likes (+50 Likes) $2.99


📱 Android, iOS


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#2 EHarmony: best for marriage

BDA: Eharmony home page screenshot

Source: Eharmony

Personally, I consider eHarmony to be the top dating app for those seeking to walk down the aisle.

EHarmony was founded in 2000 by Neil Clark Warren, a clinical psychologist. In relation to his desire to help people find long-term partners through eHarmony, he came up with a personality test that assesses 32 different dimensions of compatibility when creating matches. These personality facets encompass things like one’s emotional disposition, relationship aspirations, lifestyle preferences, and fundamental beliefs.

This method of compatibility profiling is not just a fancy bell and whistle. Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher mentions in Psycom that people with certain personality types are more inclined to get divorced. Given that the app has reduced matchmaking to an exact science, eHarmony is ideal for people looking to maximize their chances of finding a sustainable partnership.

But scientific matching comes at a price. The signup process at Eharmony could take longer than usual.

Additionally, the app gives free users access to a limited set of communication features. In other words, you must break the paywall to enjoy an enriching experience. For instance, unlimited matches and messaging, enhanced search, and the ability to see all your matches’ photos are only accessible through the app’s different flavors of Premium Membership.

But, in my opinion, these inconveniences are a small price to pay if you’re seeking more quality matches that could lead to decades of wedded bliss.


✅ Proven track record and longevity

✅ Diverse pool of serious daters

✅ Science-backed matchmaking

✅ Flaky-user filter thanks to rigorous signup process and safety support team

✅ Availability of eHarmony dating site for laptop and desktop users


❌ Relatively slow matchmaking process

❌ High fees for extra features

❌ Less diverse communication options



Package/Features Price (U.S. market)
Premium Light (6-month membership) $65.90 per month
Premium Plus (12-month membership) $45.90 per month
Premium Extra (24-month membership) $35.90 per month


📱 Android, iOS (mobile app)

💻🖥️ Laptop, desktop (website)


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#3 Hinge: best for committed relationships

BDA: Hinge dating app screenshots and value propositions

Source: Hinge

If you’re looking for a committed relationship that might or might not lead to marriage, Hinge could be your ideal dating app.

As I mentioned, the compatibility of personalities is crucial for long-term relationships. The app ensures high compatibility, not through lengthy tests, but through unique features. For instance, when setting up your profile, you could narrow down your list of potential matches by indicating preferences like religion, educational background, height, political views, etc.

Dating coach Brock Olsen has mentioned in the Daily Mail how Hinge “[encourages] deep conversations.” And he is not wrong about this.

Hinge ensures your voice is heard, literally. For instance, the app’s voice prompts are the audio equivalent of posts you leave on your social media wall. And just like text-based posts, other users can comment on your prompts by also leaving voice recordings.

Additionally, voice notes allow you to send recorded messages to your matches.

Voice prompts and voice notes have their video equivalents on Hinge, providing richer interactions and better ways to gauge the “vibe” of your potential partner.

Clearly, granular profile settings and innovative communications provide a fun way for users to find the most compatible dates. Despite these exciting features, Hinge has its weak points.

For one, it has phased out its audio and video call features since late 2023. Another restriction is the inability of non-paying users to interact with their suggested matches. But for an app of its caliber, Hinge’s baseline premium fee is relatively low compared to many similar apps.

All in all, I think Hinge strikes the sweet spot between empowering users to find long-term partners and offering features that are financially accessible.


✅ Precise profile settings and rich communication features maximize the chance of compatibility

✅ Flexibility in changing target locations, even for the free version

✅ A research team that constantly seeks to improve the digital dating experience

✅ Relatively affordable premium subscription for a “serious dating app”


❌ Absence of audio and video call features

❌Restricted communications and interaction opportunities for free users



Package/Features Price (U.S. market)
Premium (1-month membership) $34.99
Premium (3-month membership) $64.99 ($21.66 per month)
Premium (6-month membership) $99.99 ($16.66 per month)


📱 Android, iOS


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#4 Tinder: best for casual daters

BDA: Tinder dating app screenshots and feature highlights

Source: Tinder

Though Tinder is more down to earth (or down to party) than eHarmony, some experts say this is not necessarily bad.

Psychotherapist Bridget Freer says that “portraying ourselves in highly curated ways [forces us to] live up to the illusions we create. We have to ‘act’ this perfect-partner self, and spontaneity and authenticity can get lost in the process.” In short, Tinder could offer users a more relaxed atmosphere in which they could find romance.

Being relaxed is as important in dating as it is vital for overall health.  If you’re curious why and how, our reviews on the 7 best sleep apps and the 5 most effective meditation apps would shed light on this matter.

Going back to Tinder, relationships company Clinton Power + Associates mentions only 13% of relationships on the dating app last more than a month. This places the app more in the casual dating niche. Despite its relaxed nature, Tinder offers security features that help users feel protected.

For instance, the Noonlight feature enables users to discreetly contact emergency services while Photo Verification minimizes the incidence of fake profile pictures.

If you try out Tinder, you can make snap judgments about potential partners based on their pictures and profiles. A simple swipe left or right on your phone screen is the difference between liking someone and letting them go.

And whether you’re in your home country or on foreign shores, swiping is all you need since Tinder automatically detects your location to help you find locals to hang out with (if that’s your thing). But if you’re looking for dates living outside your town or country, the app has the so-called Passport Feature. But this is a perk you need to pay for.

Passport Feature comes with the cheapest tier of paid subscriptions, Tinder Plus. You also enjoy ad-free access with Plus and unlimited swipes. Tinder Gold, the slightly pricier option, enables Super Likes that boost the chance of your significant other seeing your profile. The most expensive package is Tinder Platinum, which allows you to send messages before matching and has an enhanced “Like” prioritization.

With over 30 billion matches worldwide as of 2019, Tinder is one of the best apps to help you make quick romantic connections. However, exercising care when downloading Tinder is vital. Cybersecurity expert Kaspersky Labs has noted one instance when hackers used an app that “looks like Tinder” to steal money. This is not Tinder’s fault, but as an online dater, you should verify if the app you’re downloading is genuine.


✅ Extensive user base

✅ Relatively generous features for the free version

✅ Good security features to protect users from harm during dates


❌ Data privacy concerns

❌ Potentially addictive interface

❌ In-app purchases could accumulate to excessive costs



Package/Features Price (U.S. market)
Tinder Plus (1 month) $13.49
Tinder Plus (6 months) $40.50 ($6.75 per month)
Tinder Plus (12 months) $54.00 ($4.50 per month)
Tinder Gold (1 month) $22.49
Tinder Gold (6 months) $67.50 ($11.25 per month)
Tinder Gold (12 months) $90.00 ($7.50 per month)
Tinder Platinum (1 month) $26.99
Tinder Platinum (6 months) $81.00 ($13.50 per month)
Tinder Platinum (12 months) $108.00 ($9.00 per month)


📱 Android, iOS


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#5 Ur My Type: best for cost-accessible compatibility matching

BDA: Ur My Type dating app screenshots featuring user profiles and its personality test

Source: Ur My Type

Like eHarmony, Ur My Type (UMT) leverages psychology and personality principles in matchmaking.

The app allows you to take a test called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to help identify your personality type. The user profiles on UMT display their MBTI category and compatibility with yours.

Though some psychology experts dispute the test’s value, MBTI gives a rough yet interesting sketch of how successfully you can connect with another person. For instance, based on the MBTI results, you would know how you and your potential match could hit it off regarding communication styles and introversion/extroversion levels.

There are also predetermined settings so you can easily add your interests to your profile. For instance, you could indicate your love for documentaries, gaming, sports, coffee, etc, with a few taps instead of typing them out. Well-designed icons of these preferences are posted on profile pages, enabling you to gauge better how you could relate (or not) with others.

One of the best things about using the app for free is that it enables you to send messages and likes to your potential matches. In fact, the free version has helped some of my friends to meet the love of their lives through the app. One of them even found romance in as little as two weeks. The other took less than a year.

Despite the app’s relatively easy account setup, good user interface design, and decent free features, it lacks the rich type of media that makes dating apps exciting venues to explore. For instance, unlike Concha, Ur My Type doesn’t have a video call or recording feature.

And though the app has an identity verification system to prevent catfishing, you could still see a few fake profiles here and there. The silver lining? You could report these fakers.

What disadvantages you may suffer using the app could be minimized by paying for certain features. For instance, to unlock features that would help put your profile 1st priority in the eyes of other users, you could avail of the Power Pack. There is also the option to purchase the Premium packages to search by country or undo “dislikes” while enjoying profile boosters.

Overall, Ur My Type is the right type of app if you want a decent shot at good chemistry without wasting too much time and money.


✅ Quick method of determining compatibility based on interests and personality

✅ Easy-to-learn interface for a time-saving experience

✅ Decent set of communication and interaction features

✅ Global matching capabilities, even for the free package


❌ A smaller user base compared to, say, Tinder

❌ Not multimedia-rich



Package/Features Price (U.S. market)
Premium (1 month) $19.99
Premium (6 months) $39.99
Power Pack $9.99


📱 Android, iOS


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#6 Kippo: best for gamers

BDA: Kippo dating app screenshots and feature highlights

Source: Kippo

Marriage Therapist Dr. Stephen Betchen mentions in Psychology Today that “couples [with] similar interests…tend to have healthier relationships.” Kippo takes this principle to heart by creating matches through the common interest of playing video games.

After all, gamers also deserve a slot in the game of love.

Video game lovers had a hand in the design of Kippo. Perhaps that’s why creating a profile is like joining a role-playing game. Users can create avatars or characters that represent themselves in the app’s virtual world when setting up accounts.

The app also allows users to create customized profiles showcasing their favorite games and other preferences. The app then uses this body of personal information to find compatible matches.

The Kippoverse world is this delightful splash of bright colors and pleasing visuals that the young and young-at-heart would appreciate. This digital space has entertaining venues like the Kippo Arcade, where users can play mini-games and engage in voice chats.

And in this world, you could actually buy up “land” to build your own structures. Aside from this digital land, you can also avail of the Kippo Infinity premium package, which is not that bad on the budget. Infinity offers additional benefits like more access to videos and games, priority in customer support concerns, and an ad-free experience.

Despite Kippo’s unique concept, the app has some limitations. For instance, it doesn’t allow for video calls. Aside from this, Kippo is only available in North America, Europe, and some parts of Southeast Asia.

But overall, I think Kippo is a good way to find romance, especially if you’re into exploring and having fun in the world of graphics and pixels.


✅ A well-designed virtual world built for fun and interaction

✅ Avatar and voice chat features make the app ideal for shy users

✅ Relatively inexpensive premium packages

✅ Standalone web app version is available


❌ No video calls

❌ Not accessible in some countries



Package/Features Price (U.S. market)
Kippo Infinity (3 months) $10.00 ($3.33 per month)
Kippo Infinity (6 months) $37.00 ($6.17 per month)
Kippo Infinity (12 months) $ 6.00 ($4.67 per month)


📱 Android, iOS (mobile app)

💻🖥️ Desktop, laptop (web app)


👩‍❤️‍👨 Date Online Via Web App

👉 Download Mobile App Via Google Play

👉 Download Mobile App Via App Store

#7 The League: best for ambitious people

BDA: The League dating app screenshots and feature highlights

Source: The League

If you want to date someone with the same drive to succeed, The League may be for you.

The “elite dating app” requires users to apply to get access. Information like job titles and colleges attended are factors considered during the application and matching process. Hence, it’s often referred to as “the LinkedIn of dating.”

Aside from the typical communication features found in many dating apps, The League goes one step further through its so-called “League Live.” This real-time online event allows you to go on 3-minute video dates with potential matches. Both free and paying users can enjoy this feature, but the latter gets matching priorities.

It’s evident that The League is pretty exclusive. This could be a good thing, especially because users are expected to be on their best behavior. For instance, if one of the users thinks you’re rude or too “dirty,” your so-called “League Score” will drop, jeopardizing your ability to access features or remain in the app.

But the app’s not just famous for its excellent romantic matching features. The League also accommodates people who are not looking for love or hookups.

If you’re in a relationship but want to engage in some wholesome and power-packed social activities, The League also has you covered. Suppose you’re exploring major cities like London or New York. In that case, the app can notify you of “League-vetted” real-world events where you could network with people like entrepreneurs, runners, and improv-acting enthusiasts.

But “elite” doesn’t necessarily mean “perfect.” The highly curated application and matchmaking processes mean waiting lists could be long, especially in big cities.

And being a paying member could cost you a great deal of money.

Though you could enjoy many of the app’s features and perks for free, your payment frees you from the arduous waiting list and lets you access some extra features. But overall, packages like “Member,” “Owner,” and “Investor” differ mainly in the amount of money you pay and the level of priority you get. Being an “Investor” doesn’t mean you will have shares in the company that developed the app.

Ultimately, this app is for you if you’re a career- or success-oriented person who wants to find a soulmate of equal caliber. However, as I mentioned, effectively bringing ambitious and responsible people together comes at a price.

The League doesn’t have a monopoly on linking people with wholesome ambitions. Read our case study on EvrSo to discover how this social app goes beyond random posting and inspires people to fulfill meaningful dreams.


✅ High-quality dating prospects

✅ Rigorous vetting process almost eliminates fakes

✅ Helpful support team that guides users on what to do in the app

✅ A good mix of online and real-world social events


❌ Waiting lists could be long, depending on your location or level of subscription

❌ Lack of diversity in the pool of users

❌ Premium features are quite expensive



Package/Features Price (U.S. market)
Member (1 month) $299.99
Owner (1 month) $399.99
Investor (1 month) $999.99


📱 Android, iOS


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#8 Tastebuds: good for music lovers

BDA: Tastebuds dating app feature highlights

Source: Tastebuds

Is musical taste a non-negotiable when you’re looking for a potential partner?

If your answer is yes, then Tastebuds could be music to your ears (and heart).

The app has a sleek, easy-to-use design resembling social networks like Facebook. Hence, everything seems familiar, yet new. You could also create an account in many ways, among which is a one-click signup using your Facebook account.

Creating a profile involves uploading photos and setting parameters like your favorite band or music, religion, nationality, body type, height, etc. Though you don’t have to indicate all this information, completing your profile increases your likelihood of getting matches.

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But regardless of the diversity of personal data found in the app, Tastebuds’ algorithm matches users mainly through the criteria of similarity in music tastes. The app has seen tastes varying from mainstream pop to the lesser-known “progressive metalcore.”

Aside from the plain vanilla features found in many dating apps, Tastebuds adds interesting features like “Get Lucky,” which takes users to a random profile. “Send Song” is another unique button that allows a user to initiate contact by sending a music file to another user.

But perhaps the oddest but most satisfying feature is the “Bored” button, which will enable users to report any sign of fake profiles to the app’s moderators.

The features mentioned are available to free users. Those who want to view profiles anonymously, send and receive unlimited messages, and enjoy the app without ads need to avail of the smartly named Backstage Pass.

Despite Tastebuds’ many innovative features, it has some limitations. For one thing, only iOS mobile users can download this app. Android users can use the website version, but the experience may vary slightly. The app also has users who are more interested in finding concert buddies than romance, diluting the dating pool.

Overall, Tastebuds is a niche app with high-quality features and good pricing. But then again, it’s not ideal for people who are not that into music.


✅ Reduced incidence of fake profiles and poor user experience due to a high-quality moderation team

✅ Affordable premium packages

✅ Adequate free account features

✅ Easy-to-navigate user interface

✅ Easy signup process

✅ Diversity of unique features


❌ Android users can’t download the app version

❌ Some users are looking for concert buddies instead of dates



Package/Features Price (U.S. market)
Backstage Pass (1 month) $10
Backstage Pass (3 months) $19.99 ($6.66 per month)
Backstage Pass (6 months) $30 ($5 per month)


📱 iOS (mobile app)

💻🖥️ Desktop, laptop (website)


👩‍❤️‍👨 Date Online Via Official Website

👉 Download Mobile App Via App Store


#9 ChristianCupid (Best for Christians)

BDA: ChristianCupid dating app screenshot

Source: ChristianCupid

For many Christians, romance and faith go hand in hand.

Many Christian dating apps cater to the deep need to find love while remaining faithful to religious principles. But many of these applications are quite substandard. After poring over ratings and comments in cyberspace, I was able to dig up an app called ChristianCupid. And it’s one of the best dating apps for this niche.

There are many Christian denominations out there. The app accommodates this diversity in faith by enabling users to filter matches based on their denomination or church. Other interesting filters include the intensity of a user’s faith, ranging from “Religious” to “Very religious.”

Despite the granularity of denomination options, the app dating pool is quite diverse. Users of different nationalities and ethnicities are welcome to use ChristianCupid.

Another plus for ChristianCupid is that it’s a mobile app and a website. Hence, even laptop and desktop users can use it.

The app’s free features foster an above-average dating app experience. But paid tiers, called Platinum and Gold, provide additional perks like unlimited messaging, premium customer service, and better profile visibility to other users. Platinum also has a translation tool to help users speaking different languages understand each other.

Despite lackluster visuals and limited device compatibility (apart from the website version, the app is only available on Google Play), ChristianCupid stands out among other apps of its kind due to its high-quality features, enticing free package, and diversified user pool.


✅ Precise faith-based filters for better compatibility

✅ Interracial and international diversity

✅ Wide set of quality features even for free users

✅ 24/7 customer service


❌ No iOS app

❌ Visuals are not as modern as other dating apps

❌ Not for people looking for hookups



Package/Features Price (U.S. market)
Gold (1 month) $24.98
Gold (3 months) $49.99 ($16.66 per month)
Gold (12 months) $99.98 ($8.33 per month)
Platinum (1 month) $29.98
Platinum (3 months) $59.99 ($20.00 per month)
Platinum (12 months) $119.98 ($10.00 per month)


📱 Android (mobile app)

💻🖥️ Desktop, laptop (website)


👩‍❤️‍👨 Date Online Via Official Website

👉 Download Mobile App Via Google Play

#10 JSwipe: best for Jewish people

BDA: JSwipe dating app screenshot and logo

Source: JSwipe

JSwipe is the standout app for online daters seeking partners who are equally passionate about their Jewish faith.

The app extensively uses Jewish religious symbols in its user interface. For instance, if you liked someone’s profile, you would see the Star of David on your screen.

But there’s a certain irony with JSwipe, as it could sometimes feel like Tinder. For instance, Super Swipes function similarly to Tinder’s Super Likes. But the similarity with Tinder ends there. JSwipe is not so much a hookup app as it is a serious online dating tool.

Account setup is quick because the app syncs with your Facebook account (having this account is a MUST for ALL JSwipe users). Sync or synchronization means the app could enable you to transfer your main profile pic and information from Facebook to your JSwipe profile.

Once you’re done setting up your account and profile, the app offers many innovative features for its niche. For instance, the photo optimizer sets your most liked photo as your main profile picture. You could also adjust your Jewish denomination parameter to “Willing to Convert,” aside from staples like “Orthodox,” “Traditional,” etc. On the flip side, this means you could find non-Jews in the app.

But despite JSwipe’s nifty characteristics, the free trial only allows users to set their accounts, configure their search parameters, and view profiles. Paying for a so-called “First Class” package is necessary to send even a basic text-based message. There is also no live customer support you can talk to. If you have app-related issues or concerns, you need to fill out a contact form and wait for an email.

In a nutshell, JSwipe is an innovative niche app made for Jews, but could accommodate even those outside the faith. Though the app’s premium package cost is reasonable and worth it, the free version of JSwipe is not as comprehensive as other similar apps.


✅ No-nonsense dating app that accommodates both Jews and non-Jews

✅ Unique functionalities not commonly found in religious dating apps

✅ Culturally rich symbolisms in the user interface

✅ Easy-to-use interface

✅ Premium packages not that costly


❌ No absolute guarantee that all users are Jews

❌ Payment required for sending even a basic message

❌ Absence of live chat or call center support personnel

❌ Quick-expiring matches



Package/Features Price (U.S. market)
First Class (1 Month) $24.99
First Class (3 Months) $44.97 (around $14.99 per month)
First Class (6 months) $59.94 (around $9.99 per month)


📱 Android, iOS


💡 Learn More Via Official Website

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👉 Download Mobile App Via App Store

#11 Muzz: best for Muslim daters

BDA: Muzz dating app feature highlights

Source: Muzz

After carefully studying online comments and ratings of many dating apps for Muslims, I would say Muzz (formerly Muzzmatch) is the strongest candidate.

Aside from being featured in major publications, there is evidence that the company running the app has done due diligence in improving the user experience.

For one, I see a marked effort by the company behind the app to address user issues and complaints. I saw in many ratings fora that the positive comments for the app have increased in recent periods compared to, say, in 2021.

Of course, like many dating apps, Muzz has to contend with fake user profiles. Despite this, the app’s support staff is very responsive to user complaints on this and other related matters.

The app’s membership approval process is also more rigorous than others in the same niche. This combination of support and strict approvals shows the app company’s desire to facilitate a secure user environment.

Aside from Muzz’s bread-and-butter features, the app has other remarkable functionalities. For instance, the app allows users to create voice intros to introduce themselves through recorded videos. Aside from this, the app has many security features like a photo privacy option, selfie verification, and location checks.

Muzz also has something that most dating apps don’t have. It’s called the chaperone option. This feature enables a user to send chat transcripts to a third party, who will act as the user’s guardian during the dating process. The chaperone feature adds a layer of safety in dating and closely resembles the “wali” (or guardian) in traditional Muslim marriages.

Community ratings also keep users on their toes regarding behaving properly within the app.

Despite the app’s high points, it has its limitations. For one, the matching system’s restrictiveness for free users and the app’s geographical concentration in major cities make the dating pool small and less diverse.

Another downside is that Muzz reserves features like photo privacy, unlimited likes, and unrestricted chats to Gold or Premium members.

Overall, Muzz is a good dating app that has decent free features. Though it has some hiccups, especially the presence of fake profiles, the app is still good overall in terms of user experience for Muslim daters.


✅ Good deals, even for the free version

✅ Unique multimedia features

✅ Innovative and multi-layered security options

✅ Openness to non-Muslims

✅ Comprehensive user-support FAQs and articles


❌ Fake and inactive profiles exist

❌ Limited geographical diversity in the dating pool

❌ Restricted matching for free users



Package/Features Price (U.S. market)
Premium (Monthly) $19.99
Premium (Weekly) $4.88
Gold (Monthly) $34.99
Gold (Weekly) $14.99
1 Instant Chat $4.99


📱 Android, iOS


💡 Learn More Via Official Website

👉 Download Mobile App Via Google Play

👉 Download Mobile App Via App Store


#12 Bumble: best for women

BDA: Bumble dating app screenshots and feature highlights

Source: Bumble

If you’re a woman looking for friendships or a date sans the sleazy pick-up lines, Bumble could be your vehicle for a richer social life.

The app’s BFF feature enables you to search for matches, but not for romance. BFF allows you to meet new friends or find potential business associates. The BFF feature is akin to the aim of an app we developed called Giggle, which seeks to foster friendly connections among girls.

Moving from Bumble’s BFF “friend zone” to its romantic territory, the app’s founders made sure that women have more say than men. When a match occurs, the woman has to message the man who liked her profile within 24 hours. Only through this first contact can the male talk back to the female. The match also expires beyond the 24-hour window.

Though men could send messages called Compliments (for both matches and non-matches), the feature has a 150-character limit and relatively strict parameters.

Setting up an account on Bumble is also easy since the bio section has a 300-character limit. What you can’t express in the bio, you could do so using Badges. These features enable you to select and add badges that indicate more in-depth personal information like hobbies and preferences.

All these features, including video and voice calls, are free.

Evidently, the free version of Bumble already has enough features for users to have a good time. But if you pay for extra features, you could go either for Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium. The latter is more expensive and has a broader feature set than the former.

All in all, Bumble is an excellent app. However, expiring matches/chats could be a problem. Traditional women who think men should make the first move may also find the app off-putting.


✅ Comprehensive feature set even for non-paying users

✅ Limited chances of harassment for women

✅ User pool includes women looking for lady friends or business associates

✅ In-person meetups in select areas

✅ Strict photo verification


❌ Design is not conducive for ladies who think men should move first

❌ Expiring chats or matches displease some users



Package/Features Price (U.S. market)
Bumble Boost (1 week) $8.99
Bumble Boost (1 month) $16.99
Bumble Boost (3 months) $33.99 ($11.33 per month)
Bumble Boost (6 months) $54.99 ($9.16 per month)
Bumble Premium (1 week) $19.99
Bumble Premium (1 month) $39.99
Bumble Premium (3 months) $76.99 ($25.66 per month)
Bumble Premium (Lifetime) $229.99


📱 Android, iOS (mobile app)

💻🖥️ Laptop, desktop, tablet (web app)


👩‍❤️‍👨 Date Online Via Web App

👉 Download Mobile App Via Google Play

👉 Download Mobile App Via App Store


#13 Coffee Meets Bagel: best for busy people

BDA: Coffee Meets Bagel dating app screenshots

Source: Coffee Meets Bagel

Don’t have time to swipe through so many faces? Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) offers a solution akin to a quick meal.

Instead of sending users a long swipe queue, CMB sends a short personalized list of suggested profiles called “bagels” daily. The app bases this list on user preferences. CMB sends a small selection of potential partners for men and a list of admirers (i.e., people who sent likes) for women.

Once there is a match, the app initiates a 7-day chat window and icebreaker to entice the pair to talk to each other.

Though CMB reserves certain app features for paying users, it offers a unique way to gain more access to features without purchasing subscriptions. For instance, users can earn in-app currency called “beans” to enrich their app experience. Frequently using the app, sharing it with friends, and participating in in-app activities increases the chances of earning beans.

If you try this app, you could also buy CMB beans. But one CMB bean is just as powerful in unlocking features as any other CMB bean, whether you bought the bean or acquired it without paying a cent.

But if you decide to pay for subscriptions, you could go light or heavy. The Mini option is less expensive and has fewer features than the Premium package. For instance, Mini doesn’t have the “Skip the Line” feature, which boosts a profile’s visibility. Premium also offers more preference filters, enabling users to be more specific about what they want in a future partner.

Overall, CMB offers a good experience for people who want an easy-to-digest list of potential partners. However, some experts have remarked that CMB’s matching algorithm is not as advanced as that of other dating apps. And given that the app is not as popular as, say, Tinder, the user pool tends to be small unless you’re living in a big city.

Overall, the app is a solid option for those seeking a relationship but who want to limit their time on dating apps.


✅ Customized list of matches

✅ More detailed user profiles

✅ Premium packages that allow users to see whether their message was read

✅ Chat availability, even for free users


❌ Current dominance of women in the user pool

❌ Less advanced matching algorithm

❌ Disparity in feature set between the Android and iOS versions

❌ Less chances of finding a match outside major cities



Package/Features Price (U.S. market, costs may vary by location)
Mini (1 month) $15
Mini (3 months) $30 ($10 per month)
Mini (6 months) $50 ($8.33 per month)
Premium (1 month) $35
Premium (3 months) $75 ($25 per month)
Premium (6 months) $120 ($20 per month)


📱 Android, iOS


💡 Learn More Via Official Website

👉 Download Mobile App Via Google Play

👉 Download Mobile App Via App Store

#14 Facebook Dating: Best “no-paywall” option

BDA: Facebook mobile app screenshot containing the Facebook Dating button

Source: Facebook

Though more of a section within a platform than a standalone app, Facebook Dating deserves special mention because it is a low-lying fruit for online daters.

First, it is the most accommodating as far as free dating apps are concerned. Facebook Dating enables you to access an extensive set of features found in many other dating apps, totally free of charge. Unlike some apps that ask for your money to know who sent you a like, Dating does this without requiring you to pay up.

Facebook Dating also seamlessly integrates with existing accounts on related platforms. This integration makes the online dating experience more convenient for those already familiar with Facebook and Instagram. Connection with these social networks also facilitates the creation of detailed profiles.

Another edge that Facebook Dating has is it enables you to get matches based on events and interest groups. For instance, if a Facebook member is into classical music concerts as you are, you could get the chance to match with that person. As I mentioned earlier, psychology professionals have favorably looked upon relationships based on common interests.

Secret Crush adds an extra spice to the Facebook Dating experience. It allows you to express romantic interest in your friends without revealing your personal information until they like you back. This provides a chance to safely test the waters when you want to pivot from “friend zone” to “lovers’ lane.”

But despite all its nifty features, Facebook Dating is not without flaws.

For one thing, the app has faced criticism for its security and privacy issues. Given Facebook’s history of data breaches and privacy concerns, some users are apprehensive about sharing personal information on the platform. Scammers, hackers, and underage users are prevalent, raising further security concerns.

However, it is noticeable that Facebook has worked hard to address these concerns. The social media company has put safeguards in place, like prohibiting the transmission of photos, videos, and payments in the messages section.

Another weakness of Facebook Dating is the absence of a video chat feature. Though this could protect users from unscrupulous actors, the inability to talk to someone face-to-face could dampen the dating experience.

And since Facebook Dating is a part of the larger social platform (or “public Facebook”), it is easy to accidentally navigate (and send potentially embarrassing information) to the main segment of the platform.

In conclusion, Facebook Dating is an almost frictionless way of entering the online dating world. However, prudence is necessary to ensure your information is not compromised.

A precaution you could implement is to create a separate Facebook account for Dating and limit the personal information you put there. This measure ensures you can enjoy the free features of Facebook Dating while protecting yourself.


✅ All features are totally free

✅ Common interests or event preferences bring users together

✅ Links to Instagram and other Facebook services

✅ Information not shared on public Facebook


❌Users need a Facebook account

❌ Security and privacy issues

❌ Content restrictions on the messaging section

❌ Facebook app necessary for access (no web version)


📱 Android, iOS


PRICING OF PAID OPTION: NA (features free as of the moment)


👉 Download Facebook Mobile App Via Google Play

👉 Download Facebook Mobile App Via App Store

4 Science-Backed Tips on Using Dating Apps Well

Whichever application you choose from the list above, you won’t get much from your dating app without knowing the most effective ways to use it.

To get the basics right, here are some tips based on the studies and articles of Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Sameer Chaudhry and Psychologist Jelena Kecmanovic:

1. Be honest with yourself and others about why you’re using a dating app.

Be transparent with your motives for online dating and be forthright about them. Understand your goals—whether distraction, enjoyment or a serious partnership—and be open about them, both to yourself and potential matches. Honesty enhances the chances of finding a compatible partner.

It’s understandable if you fear that showing your true colors will limit your dating pool. But think about it. If you’re pretending to be serious when you’re looking for casual hookups, you would just be wasting your time in your dating app AND have unmet needs. The receiving end of your “like” would likewise be shortchanged.

Of course, even when seeking casual relationships, keeping a basic sense of decency and respect is still important. This means avoiding excessively sexual language or actions that dehumanize people. It’s better to err on the safe side because there is a thin line between flirtation and sexual harassment.

2. Choose your profile picture well.

Select a photo that presents you in the best light or at least showcases the image you want to convey. When choosing a profile picture, make sure you like it AND that the photo truthfully represents your physical appearance and personality.

Given that the person you’re interacting with has no prior acquaintance with you, the photos you share can significantly influence likability and shape their initial perception of you.

It will also help if your photo has a subtle head tilt and a sincere smile that causes your eyes to crinkle up. Studies have shown these photo attributes tend to enhance attractiveness and likability.

3. Balance directness and humor when writing your bio.

Though some apps accommodate long profiles, experts still recommend conciseness in writing profiles. Be engaging but avoid lengthy “essays,” as users tend to swipe through profiles rapidly. Share essential aspects that matter to you and get straight to the point.

Highlight what sets you apart. Emphasize your unique qualities, as people are naturally drawn to interesting individuals.

Additionally, strike a balance between sharing your information and expressing what you seek in a potential match. Experts recommend allotting 70% of your profile to yourself and 30%to what you’re looking for in a partner.

Lastly, do not forget that a dash of wholesome sense of humor could go a long way in attracting matches.

4. Manage the time you spend on dating apps.

Staying on top of your app usage is vital for enjoying your dating app to the fullest.

Looking for potential matches is supposed to be fun. But there is a fine line between fun and addiction. It’s crucial to be aware that online dating platforms have user interfaces designed to keep you hooked. The user-friendly interfaces, constant profile influx, and intermittent rewards like mutual matches or messages may tempt you to swipe excessively or spend too many hours navigating profiles.

Prolonged swiping makes dating apps sources of sadness instead of happiness. In what researchers call the “rejection mindset,” users tend to reject more profiles the more swipes they do. The higher the incidence of rejection in dating apps, the more demoralized and pessimistic users tend to be.

To reduce addiction and pessimism, choose a specific time of day when you can fully concentrate on the process of looking for potential matches. Make sure you use your dating app no more than once a day. This way, you can also be fully present and better select profiles instead of instinctively disliking many of them.

Of dreams and dating apps

Dating apps are tools to fulfill one’s dream of falling in love.

Ultimately, there is no “best dating app” of all time or for all categories. What is the best dating app for you might not be the best for others. It all boils down to your dating goals, preferences, and personality.

And it’s also important to note that no excellent dating app could work without learning the proper techniques and etiquette when dating online. The game of love in cyberspace is both technical and psychological. So it pays to seek the guidance of relationship experts, whether through reading or actual conversations.

Speaking of conversations, we at Appetiser are also open to talking about love, but of a different kind. We’re talking about the love of big dreams.

One big dream could be channeling all your resources into growing profitable digital businesses. App businesses worldwide have generated around USD 400 billion in 2022. With our help, you could also partake of this large pie. We have designed and developed mobile and web applications for SMEs and large organizations.

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