Kenneth Titong

Kenneth Titong

Kenneth is a digital marketing specialist by profession with a strong focus on SEO and Analytics, has helped companies grow their organic traffic and attract visitors from different digital marketing channels. Has a strong background in programming thanks to his degree in Computer Science, loves creating, tinkering, and growing websites.

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Kotlin 1.3.7

Kotlin 1.3.70 Update Adds New Experimental Features

Kotlin, the popular programming language for JVM and Android development created by JetBrains, has launched a new update with Kotlin 1.3.70.

Apple Releases Dedicated Mobile App For Developers To Replace WWDC App

Apple has recently introduced a new dedicated Apple Developer Mobile App for the 23 million strong members of the Apple developer community. The app is not entirely new, as the new dedicated app is an expansion of the current WWDC app for Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference. According to a report from TechCrunch, the app will […]
apple developer app
ADB - Android Debug Bridge

Android 11 Will Add Wireless ADB Connection For App Developers

The Android Debug Bridge or ADB allows app developers to enable communication between PCs and Android devices. ADB allows developers to sideload APKs, generate logs, manage files, and more. Currently, you can enable wireless ADB connection via WiFi, but only after some initial setup via USB. It does not support native wireless connection and initially […]

What’s new in Angular 9.0

While the current production release is Angular 8.2, development continues on the upcoming Angular 9.0 release. Angular 9 already has a release candidate that includes performance improvements to the Ivy compilation and rendering pipeline, and will become the new default technology for Angular. As Ivy will be the new compilation and rendering pipeline, the new […]
Angular 9.0

JDK 14 List Of Targeted Features, Here’s What’s Expected To Come With Java 14 (Updated)

Java Development Kit, or JDK 14 is scheduled for a production release on March 17, 2020. This is following the usual 6 month release time frame for a new Java version. Although JAVA 14 is still about a year away, JDK 14 is already taking shape. Two features have already been officially proposed: An improvement […]

Huawei To Invest $1.5 Billion To Lure App Developers

The Chinese tech giant has recently announced that it will be investing $1.5 billion dollars over the next 5 years into its developer program in order to lure app developers into supporting its own platform. The company has announced that they have already supported more than 1.3 million developers and 14,000 independent software vendors around […]

Kotlin 1.4 Will Introduce Improvements To Null-Check Capabilities

Kotlin 1.4 is a planned upgrade that will improve null-check capabilities and optimizations. Instead of throwing a KotlinNullPointerException, IllegalStateException, IllegalArgumentException, and TypeCastException, all runtime checks will now throw a single java.lang.NullPointerException. With this, Kotlin 1.4  will open up more possibilities for null check optimizations by the Kotlin compiler or other bytecode processing tools like the Android […]

Google Will Pay Hackers To Find Critical Bugs In Apps With Over 100m Installs

With the rise in recently discovered security vulnerabilities found in popular Android apps, Google has announced new updates to its bounty program (Google Play Security Reward Program) to help fight and discover malicious and security vulnerabilities found in popular Android apps. Just last month, one popular app with over 100 million installs has been discovered […]

Appetiser Named #4 Best App Design Agency In The World According to DesignRush

According to a recent press release from DesignRush, Appetiser has been named as the #4 best app design agency in the world. Appetiser has always been at the forefront when it comes to creating excellent mobile app designs, and we don’t just create beautiful apps, we also make sure the apps are functional and easy […]

Angular 8.2 Now Available, Here’s What’s New

The production release of the popular JavaScript framework Angular 8 has been available since May this year and the Angular 8.2 update introduces compiler performance improvements and the Bazel build tool. Angular is popular with app developers as it provides dependency injection which is very useful when assembling data services for apps, and developers can […]
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