Google Requests Developer Help with the Mysterious Fuschia OS

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Google has called on the public to help with the development of the mysterious new OS, Fuschia. All we know so far is that it’s based on a microkernel called Zircon instead of Google’s regular choice of a Linux Kernal. The question of why it’s being developed has still gone unanswered as of today. 
In a recent blog post, Google had this to say,

“Fuchsia is an open source project that is inclusive by design, from the architecture of the platform itself, to the open source community that we’re building. The project is still evolving rapidly, but the underlying principles and values of the system have remained relatively constant throughout the project.”

The situation is strange because the repositories for Fuschia have been in the public domain for years at this point. There’s been no effort on Google’s part to cover it up while at the same time not giving away any details of its intentions for the new OS. 
Now, Google has sent out a distress call for help with the late stages of development, showing that the project is still active just when the developer community was starting to believe it had been abandoned. 
Google has “created new public mailing lists for project discussions, added a governance model to clarify how strategic decisions are made and opened up the issue tracker for public contributors to see what’s being worked on.”
To speculate, Fuschia looks to be a lightweight OS developed for IoT/edge devices, having been tested on Google’s own smart speakers, only to be absent when those devices get released on the mass market. 
We’ve even seen a technical roadmap for Fuschia. The main takeaway being that the OS is still nowhere near being production-ready. 
Why not journey over to to get the source code, set up an emulator and help Google finish the build?
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