Google Play Store App Rejections Up 55%, App Suspensions Up 66%

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Google has previously released a year-in-review announcement and said that Play Store app rejections went up 55% last year after the company implemented new rules and improved its app review process.

App suspensions also went up by more than 60%, in which, according to the company, credited to its continued investment in:

“automated protections and human review processes that play critical roles in identifying and enforcing on bad apps.” – Source

The company has recently been stepping up on policing apps on the Play Store, using systems such as the Google Play Protect service, which has a significant role in identifying malware in the Google Play Store, the company now also use AI to identify spam reviews.

Google Play Protect service scans over 50 billion apps per day, and would even download and scan any APK it finds on the internet such as those found on third-party stores, this helps Google’s reach in identifying malware and show warnings when users download and try to install apps that came from other sources other than the official Play Store.

Google has been constantly fighting with malware, in 2017 the Play Store had been plagued by malware droppers and banking trojans, and in 2018 adware-laced apps have run amok on the Play Store, infecting millions of users.

According to a blog post by Google Play Product Manager Andrew Ahn:

Google has been learning from all those past incidents.

Play Store’s automated systems are now getting better and better at detecting threats, so much so that Google is now seeing clear patterns.

“We find that over 80% of severe policy violations are conducted by repeat offenders and abusive developer networks,” Ahn said. “When malicious developers are banned, they often create new accounts or buy developer accounts on the black market in order to come back to Google Play.”

According to Google, 80% of Google Play Store policy violations are caused by repeat offenders, and Ahn says the Play Store team has now improved in detecting repeat offender accounts much faster, blocking malicious apps even before they’re approved and listed on the Play Store.


Image Credits: AndroidPIT

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