Explore the Appverse: A List of the Mobile App Stores in 2024

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You’ve poured countless hours into developing your app, fine-tuning every feature and polishing every detail. Now, it’s time to unleash your creation upon the world. But where do you begin? Which app store offers the best opportunities for visibility, engagement, and monetization?

In this blog post, you’ll discover platforms where you can publish your mobile apps. From industry titans like the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to emerging and alternative distribution channels, each app store offers unique opportunities for app developers seeking success in a competitive market.

Are you ready to take the next step in your app publishing journey? Let’s navigate the diverse world of app stores!

Discover the Best App Stores for Your Needs in 2024

1. Apple App Store: Connect with the most loyal users

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The Apple App Store is the official app store for iOS apps. It is where you will find all the apps for iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watches, and Apple TVs. With so many devices available, there’s a great opportunity for your app to reach a large number of users.

What sets the Apple App Store apart is its commitment to quality. Before an app can be downloaded, Apple checks it to ensure it meets its high standards. This means users can trust that the apps they’re downloading are safe and reliable, which is great news for developers like you.

Another good thing about the Apple App Store is that iOS users are often willing to pay for apps. This means you can make money through in-app purchases, subscriptions, and other monetization strategies. Plus, Apple makes it easy for users to pay for apps, so you’re more likely to earn from your app.

The Apple App Store also comes with a bunch of handy tools you can use to improve your app. Things like iCloud and Apple Pay can add extra features to your application, while App Store Connect gives you insights into how well your app is doing.

Some facts about the Apple App Store

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📱Revenue potential. Consumer spending in the Apple App Store reached $89.3 billion in 2023 and is forecasted to reach $185 billion in 2024.

📱App selection. As of January 2022, the Apple App Store offers over 2.2 million apps available for download across various categories.

📱Developer earnings. Since it started, developers have made over $320 billion from sales and in-app purchases on the platform.

📱Global reach. The Apple App Store is available in over 175 countries and regions, making it one of the most widely accessible app distribution platforms globally.

📱User base. The Apple App Store boasts a massive user base, with over 2.2 billion active Apple devices worldwide as of early 2024.

2. Google Play Store: Access the world’s largest Android user base

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Source: Google Play Store

As the default marketplace for Android apps, the Google Play Store enjoys a dominant position not only among all Android app stores but also in the entire mobile app ecosystem. It is because 71.43% of smartphones in the world are Android. Google Play is also the biggest app store in the world in terms of app selection.

Since Google acquired Android Inc. in 2005, it has continued to oversee the development and evolution of the Android operating system. The company regularly releases updates and new versions of the OS for mobile devices.

Because so many different Android devices use the Google Play Store, app publishers can reach a lot of people. It’s also easy for developers to try out new ideas and make innovative apps since it’s an open ecosystem.

In technology, an open ecosystem means platforms or systems that no one company controls. As a developer, this allows you to make and share apps easily, with fewer rules getting in the way.

Additionally, Google provides tools like Firebase and Play Console to help developers understand how well their apps are doing and make them better. These tools are really helpful for improving app performance and keeping users engaged.

Some facts about the Google Play Store

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📱Revenue potential. Consumer spending on Google Play apps and games reached $47 billion in 2023, with over 113 billion downloads recorded.

📱App selection. The Play Store has the biggest selection of apps, with over 3.5 million available for download as of January 2022.

📱Global reach. You can find the Google Play Store in over 190 countries, giving app makers a chance to reach billions of people around the world.

📱Developer earnings. Since it started, developers have made over $130 billion from sales and in-app purchases on the Google Play Store.

3. Amazon Appstore: Reach Amazon’s diverse customer base

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Source: Amazon

Another platform compatible with all Android devices is the Amazon Appstore. While less mainstream than some of its counterparts, the platform offers a unique opportunity for app publishers: a chance to stand out in a less crowded marketplace.

Developers have the opportunity to use Amazon Prime to engage with a more focused and committed user base. Although this group may be smaller compared to the general population, they are highly dedicated and active consumers of digital content.

By using Amazon Prime, developers can access this niche audience who are already familiar with and actively use Amazon’s premium services. This is a great chance for developers like you to customize your mobile apps to fit the interests of these dedicated users. It could mean more people using your app regularly, keeping it, and feeling happy with their experience.

Additionally, Amazon provides support for developers. Through programs like the Amazon Appstore Developer Portal, you can access tools, resources, and guidance to create, publish, and promote your app effectively.

Some facts about the Amazon Appstore

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📱App selection. The Amazon Appstore offers a wide selection of apps, with over 600,000 available for download as of January 2022.

📱Device compatibility. The Amazon Appstore is primarily available on Amazon devices, including Kindle tablets, Fire tablets, Fire TV, and Fire Phone.

📱Integration with Amazon services. The Amazon Appstore is seamlessly integrated with other Amazon services, enhancing the experience of app users.

📱Geographic availability. The Amazon Appstore is available in nearly 200 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, and more.

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4. Samsung Galaxy Store: Engage with tech-savvy global users

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Source: MiniTool

With Samsung devices being among the most popular in the world, the Galaxy Store presents a significant opportunity for app publishers to tap into a diverse and engaged audience. The platform comes pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, tablets, and Galaxy Watch wearables. To access it, users need to have a Samsung account.

One of the standout features of the Galaxy Store is its emphasis on promoting app discovery. From personalized recommendations tailored to individual users to strategic placements that highlight top-quality content, the platform ensures that app publishers have ample opportunities to connect with their target audience.

Additionally, the Galaxy Store also provides various ways to earn from your app. You can sell your app, offer in-app purchases, set up subscriptions, and more.

Some facts about the Samsung Galaxy Store

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📱Revenue potential. The revenue of the Samsung Galaxy Store was estimated to be significant, with a $90.7 billion global revenue from mobile gaming in 2021.

📱User base. As of 2024, there are approximately 1.033 billion active Samsung smartphone users worldwide.

📱Global reach. The Samsung Galaxy Store is available in over 188 countries and territories worldwide, making it accessible to millions of users across the globe.

📱Developer community. Over 50,000 developers actively contribute to the Galaxy Store, continually enriching its catalog with innovative and engaging content.

5. Huawei AppGallery: Tap into Huawei’s growing user base

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Source: Huawei AppGallery

The Huawei AppGallery is developed and maintained by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. a China-based global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) solutions. The company is known for its expertise and innovation in various areas, including telecommunications equipment, smartphones, consumer electronics, and enterprise networking solutions.

As Huawei continues to expand its global presence, its AppGallery has emerged as a significant player in the mobile app landscape. App publishers can leverage the platform to reach millions of Huawei device users worldwide, particularly in South East Asian and Middle Eastern regions, where Huawei devices are popular.

Huawei’s revenue-sharing model and developer incentives, such as the AppGallery Connect platform, also provide app publishers with opportunities for monetization and growth.

Some facts about the Huawei AppGallery

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📱Global reach. The Huawei AppGallery is available in over 170 countries and regions worldwide.

📱User base. Huawei devices, including smartphones and tablets, have a large and growing user base, with over 580 million active users as of 2022.

📱App selection. The Huawei AppGallery hosts over 220,000 HMS apps available for download as of January 2022.

📱Integration with Huawei services. Developers can leverage Huawei’s ecosystem and services, such as Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) Core, Huawei ID, and Huawei Ads, to enhance their apps and provide users with seamless and integrated experiences on Huawei devices.

6. Microsoft Store: Connect with Microsoft’s vast user community

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Source: logowik

While known for desktop software, Microsoft has been making strides in the mobile app space with its Microsoft Store. The platform offers app publishers a unique opportunity to reach users across a variety of Windows devices, including PCs, tablets, and Xbox consoles.

With tools like Xamarin, you can make apps that work well on all kinds of Windows devices and reach more people. Microsoft is supportive of developers too, offering resources, guidance, and marketing opportunities through programs like the Windows Developer Program.

As a developer, you can also benefit from Microsoft’s efforts to make things easy and engaging for their device users. Features like automatic updates and integration with other Microsoft services, such as Microsft 365 and Xbox Live, can help people easily find and engage with your app.

Some facts about the Microsoft Store

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📱Global reach. The Microsoft Store is available in over 200 markets and regions worldwide, making it accessible to users across the globe.

📱User base. Windows 11 is reportedly in use by more than 400 million monthly active devices. Windows 10 remains a significant player, with a market share of around 67.21% as of February 2024.

📱App selection. The Microsoft Store has hosted a diverse selection of apps, including 44,275 gaming apps and about 10,000 Utilities and tool apps (as of Q2 of 2022)

Choosing the ideal app store

To choose the right app store, you need to consider three primary things: who you’re making the app for, what it can do, and what you want to achieve with it.

For maximum reach and exposure, giants like the Apple App Store and Google Play Store remain unbeatable. These app marketplaces offer unparalleled user bases and robust developer support.

However, if you’re eyeing a niche market, specialized features, or less competition, alternative app stores might be a more feasible option. Such app stores may offer more opportunities to bring your app to the forefront of your users who are likely to engage with your app.

Ultimately, the best app store for you depends on a careful balance of factors such as target demographics, monetization strategies, and platform compatibility. So, before making your choice, delve deep into research, weigh the pros and cons, and align your decision with your app’s unique requirements. You can even opt to publish on multiple app stores as needed.

Once you’ve launched your creation, don’t forget to give it a boost through app store optimization and ensure that it performs at its best through updates and maintenance. In our experience consulting for numerous app publishers, nothing drives great app store reviews better than one that performs optimally.

Remember, success in the app market often lies in strategic decision-making and adaptability. So, choose wisely!

And if you need an app development partner with experience building apps with millions of users and generating billions in revenue, reach out to us at Appetiser.


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