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Coda Blog Article (1)

Why Coda is the Best Tool for Teams That Use the OKR Framework

Learn how a custom system like Coda helped us grow by 50% in revenue in just a few months.

How to Optimise Your App for the App Store

Learn how you can use App Store Optimisation to rank high on the App Store and get in front of relevant users.
How to Optimise Your App for the App Store v3
ListAdapter Using DataBinding

Powerful and Reusable ListAdapter Using DataBinding for Simple Lists

Through the years of developing Android apps, there have been countless times that we implemented simple lists. Lists that only have these basic features: Display items Handle item clicks Using ListAdapter and with the help of DataBinding, we can create a powerful and reusable SimpleListAdapter which we can use every time we implement a simple

Google Flutter 1.2 Framework Now Available

Google has released Flutter 1.2, the latest stable build to its popular cross-platform UI framework for building apps for iOS, Android, Fuchsia, and Web. Just recently, Google Flutter has introduced the ability to build Linux apps distributed through Ubuntu maker Canonical’s Snap Store. Microsoft has been very busy recently with their ecosystem and they are
Google Flutter
Microsoft logo

Movial Acquired by Microsoft To Work On Android For Surface Duo

The privately held software engineering company Movial, has been recently acquired by Microsoft to work on a custom Android flavour for the Surface Duo. As “foldable” smartphones is still an emerging market, the Surface Duo is an exciting new smartphone/tablet hybrid that Microsoft is working on that requires a custom Android OS. And Microsoft is

Android 10 Sets New Android OS Adoption Record

While Android’s wide variety of customisation options for both hardware and software is the biggest advantage of the OS, it’s also one of its biggest problems. This results to hardware fragmentation, meaning, due to the wide variety of customised Android devices, pushing new Android features to existing devices takes a lot longer and sometimes doesn’t
Android 10
500k App Downloads in a Month

500k App Downloads in a Month – Learn from our Digital Marketing Expert

Learn how to get 500,000 app downloads in one month while building a profitable app with informative tips from our resident digital marketing expert.

Google Replaces Some Android Apps for Chrome OS with Progressive Web Apps

Twitter and YouTube TV on the Google Play Store will default to installing the PWA version — not the Android build — on Chromebooks.
Man hand with Apple Watch holding iPhone 11 with Google

Things to Know About Apple and Google’s COVID-19 Contact Tracing Tool

With the help of the automated Bluetooth-based system built by Apple and Google, contact tracing can be done on a far greater scale.

What We’re Prioritising in the Time of Coronavirus

Statement on COVID-19 by the Directors of Appetiser Apps, Jamie Shostak and Michael MacRae.
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