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Director & Founder. I build and grow ideas. With a heavy focus on business strategy and automation, I am focusing on the interception of technology, marketing and design.

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App Funding: 8 Powerful Strategies to Secure Funding for App Development

There are two types of early-stage startups: Those running out of money and those that will run out of money soon. And even if you’re currently funded, you will probably fall into the latter category sooner or later. It’s a massive challenge, especially in the early mobile app idea stage, where you don’t yet have

Appetiser Ranks Among The Top 10 Rising Stars in Deloitte’s 2019 Tech Fast 50 Award

Every year, Deloitte searches for Australia’s fastest-growing technology companies. Its Technology Fast 50 program puts a spotlight on companies that bring to life the industry’s very best technology-related products through determination, dedication, and laser-focused attention to detail. The prestigious Deloitte Awards, which celebrates innovation and entrepreneurship across the globe, is now in its 19th year
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Young Entrepreneur Awards Melbourne 2019

Appetiser named Technology winners at Melbourne Young Entrepreneur Awards 2019

Partnering in 2016, Appetiser founders, Jamie Shostak and Michael MacRae have driven forward their vision to help entrepreneurs build successful mobile and web apps. As the fastest growing company for app development in Australia, in just three years, the team of two grew into a company of over 100 specialists in three countries and five

Clutch Names Appetiser Industry Leader in Mobile App Development

Recent trends have shown that both the creative and practical incorporation of mobile applications into the average person’s lifestyle is continuing to expand at a rapid rate. The role of a mobile app developer is more important now than it has ever been, making it increasing difficult to set apart the diligent companies with proven expertise from their less effective counter parts.   This
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How to Make a Successful App in 2024

You shouldn’t build an app. Until… you understand that an app isn’t just the icon you see on your smartphone’s screen. Apps are mobile-based technology businesses with the potential to impact millions of people worldwide and generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. However, developing an app takes time, skill, and expertise — and

The Ultimate Guide on How to Build an App & Start an App Business

How to Make an App? It is a question we get asked almost every single day.. Should I create an app? And if so, how do I start? Let’s begin by mentioning that creating an app isn’t as easy as you might think. Successful apps are always a combination of intelligent business strategy, stunning design,
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Pre-Launch and Post-Launch App Marketing Guide-01

Pre-Launch and Post-Launch App Marketing Guide

App development takes an average of 4-6 months to complete. But once your app is finished, what comes next? You may have a lot of questions, especially if you are a first-time entrepreneur. How do I start marketing my app? What is the most effective way to acquire users? There is a lot to think

Apps Marketing Basics: 11 Powerful Strategies to Drive Installs

The mobile app industry is ultra-competitive. Mobile device users are blessed with millions of apps to choose from to combat boredom, improve health, boost productivity, and more. Thankfully, the number of potential mobile app users is rapidly growing, with an estimated 6.8 billion people using smartphones in 2023. The number of smartphone users globally increases
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The Most Powerful Mobile App Analytic Tools

The Most Powerful Mobile App Analytic Tools & Which to Use

The app market is rapidly becoming a crowded and competitive landscape. With attention spans shrinking all the time, it’s harder than ever to get users to engage with your mobile app. The best way to increase retention is to first know what users do inside an app. This is where mobile app analytics can really

Why Your eCommerce Business Needs a Mobile App. Like Right Now.

The game has officially changed. Retailers reported mobile transactions represented over 65% of all business transactions in the last quarter of 2017 (Criteo). The cat is well and truly out of the bag. It’s undeniable. Mobile eCommerce works. It seems obvious at first. But, yet, less than 45% of all businesses still don’t have a
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